Remote Video Guard Services

Through our Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) SMART can remotely guard your property more effectively and for less than traditional security guard services

Video Surveillance Monitoring Service

Utilizing our Remote Guard Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) program SMART Security Pros coordinates the installation of video cameras on your property (at NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU) and feeds those cameras back to our 24 hour Real Time Operations Center (RTOC) and to your tablet or mobile device.  

We monitor your site directly from our RTOC during the hours you choose.  In the event of an incident we dispatch one of our roving patrol officers and or the local police, giving your property an unsurpassed level of protection and security not possible with traditional cameras or guards alone.

  • Eliminate financial headaches and avoid cost increases.  We will lock in your security budget for up to 5 years!
  • Fast access to trial ready video for court purposes for up to 30 days (Longer storage available if needed)
  • View your property and receive security alerts directly to your smartphone 24/7
  • Have “more eyes on site” than one or two security guards can possibly provide.
  • Never worry about equipment malfunction or outdated equipment. Full warranty coverage, labor, and installation costs are included.
  • Mobile solar powered security surveillance trailer option available, Mobile Video Guard
  • No large upfront capital expense, you just pay a monthly subscription cost.
  • Get better security coverage at LESS cost!

We have worked with property owners who were able to identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings by implementing our service across their portfolio of properties.  In the process they were able to cut down on the number of vendors they were dealing with therefore saving time and money in the administrative side of their business.

Car Dealer Remote Video Surveillance

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