Who is Watching your Property?

SMART Security Pros believes only the best and most qualified personnel should be entrusted to remotely secure your property through our video surveillance systems.

All video surveillance agents are:

Those who have experience in law enforcement and military service have typically seen and handled situations that the everyday person will never experience in a lifetime. These experiences help them to spot suspicious activity faster and typically react more efficiently and precisely. Our video surveillance agents are constantly scanning your property’s video cameras for “out of the ordinary” events. Once they observe something that is suspicious they follow our well documented protocol that dictates who they call based on the event. The responses range from documenting the event in their daily log for minor items, on up to calling 911 and remaining on the phone with the dispatcher until police or EMS arrive on scene.

All Video Surveillance Agents Must:

At the end of the day, SMART Security Pros job is to protect your property and get the right people on site as quickly as possible.  We believe that after installing the best equipment and the latest in technology our personnel are the differentiator that bring you the most complete solution on the market today.

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