Whitepapers and Cost Savings

SMART Security Pros is regularly able to save our customers thousands of dollars on their monthly security budget.  Typically we are seeing monthly security budget costs dropping by 25%-50% when a client implements our Remote Guard Video Surveillance system. In most cases the monthly cost of the camera equipment and the cost of our surveillance monitoring combined are far less than if a security guard was hired to be on site during the same hours.

Other ways our clients see savings:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced workers compensation claims
  • Reduced lawsuit claims, often times the plaintiff’s claim is refuted by our video evidence
  • Reduced employee theft
  • Reduced employee time theft, video evidence when your employees arrive and leave

SMART Security Pros has put together several whitepapers on the topic of Remote Guard Video Surveillance as it relates to cost savings and several types of businesses. 






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