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Executive & VIP Protection and Security Services

SMART Security Pros’ executive protection agents protect and transport dignitaries, celebrities and high-profile and high net-worth executives as well as their families and loved ones.

SMART Security Pros can also provide 24-hour executive and dignitary protection at your personal residence as well as corporate offices. We have access to watch centers that can provide our clients with real time updates on critical events occurring in and around the locations where they are traveling.

This service can be provided on a short-term or ongoing basis. As part of an all-encompassing security plan, our trained technicians design and install state-of-the-art electronic and video surveillance monitoring systems. SMART Security Pros’ 24 hour per day Real Time Operations Center can be utilized to complement the protection duties of our agents. Your customized personal protection program is dependent on your needs and budget.

Trained & Experienced Dignitary Protection Agents

Our executive and dignitary protection specialists are highly trained and in most cases active or retired law enforcement officers who currently or previously held protection detail assignments within their respective agencies. They have years of experience and training that provides a solid basis for their expert services.

The primary role of our agents is to protect your physical well-being. Our personnel utilize proactive measures to identify and neutralize risks before they ever become a threat. These agents are chosen based on their high level of professionalism, not only in their appearance but also in their ability to recognize the need for discretion and confidentiality with our clients.

Scenarios Where Our Executive Protection Services are Commonly Deployed:

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