Security Solutions for General Contractors

Constructions sites are typically wide-open to the public. Basic security practices are good, but you can’t fully rely on them to keep your site secure.

SMART Security Pros has spent years mastering the best ways to make contractors’ lives easier in regards to securing their job sites. That’s why our services not only keep your site safe after-hours but help improve safety and security 24/7.

Our solutions, including professional security guards and mobile video monitoring, are valued by contractors throughout the DC, Maryland & Virginia regions – providing protection benefits to any and all construction projects.

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Security Services for Educational Institutions and Establishments

Whether you’re starting a new educational facility project or updating or repairing an existing school structure, stringent security is required.

Projects on existing school structures require extra levels of security to ensure clear and safe separation between the work zone and the school’s active premises.

Healthcare and Medical Facility Security

Healthcare and medical facilities are the most complex building projects due to the sheer number of needs the buildings meet. 

These intricate structures often require advanced technologies and high-tech equipment that would result in devastating financial loss if damaged or stolen.

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buildings in a sunny city

Security for Public Utilities

Vast populations depend on secure utility infrastructures like cell towers, power utilities, and water infrastructure. The construction of their physical assets often leaves highly valuable building materials and elements unguarded.

Protect your aluminum, copper, and other metal components and safeguard the profitability of your project with a comprehensive security solution from SMART Security Pros.

These are just a few of the projects using our professional security solutions. 

Deciding on security options for your site?  General contractors in your area choose SMART Security Pros.

Protect Your Project with Trained Agents & Top Technology

Our security solutions for general contractors combine top technology with the best training in the business. Founder Shawn Scarlata has decades of experience as an active duty law enforcement officer in the Washington, D.C. area. Police work aside, he is also a former CEO of a local security service firm. 

If you feel your site requires the level of security offered by protective services, SMART Security Pros can deploy security officers to meet your needs.

Options for Professional
Security Agents

Our experienced agents are trained to handle every security situation from workplace violence to protecting valuable assets. You can request guards to deploy in business dress, or in tactical uniform – just give us a call to discuss your construction site’s needs.

  • Armed or unarmed guards
  • Uniformed security
  • Off duty or prior law enforcement
  • 5+ years of experience
  • Over 350 agents available
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security guard training a german shepherd to be a police dog

Anytime Security, for Any
Length of Time

General contractors looking for a short-term security solution will find an easy, efficient answer with SMART Security Pros. 

Whether you need video surveillance (our Mobile Video Guard solution) or armed security guards, our services are available contract-free for short-term, long-term or indeterminate length projects. 

Payment for SMART Security Pros services is on an as-needed month-to-month basis.

Solutions for Security
With Integrity

Mobile Video Guard is a modern solution to surveillance challenges. It’s simple to quote, installs instantly, and requires no contract.

Camera units install using pole or wall mounts, or you can choose a mobile surveillance trailer unit. These innovative remote monitoring surveillance systems record on motion 24/7 and are monitored by Remote Monitoring Surveillance Specialists between 6 AM and 6 PM.

Mobile Video Guard’s remote video surveillance offers:

  • Integrated crime-deterrent features 
  • Remote monitoring from 6 AM – 6 PM
  • Configurable Video Management Software and camera options
  • Wall or pole mount units or mobile surveillance trailers

Having eyes on your site at all times is just one of theadvantages of remote monitored video surveillance from Mobile Video Guard. Plus, you can use our mobile app to see your site yourself from wherever you are. That’s comprehensive construction site surveillance.

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See What Our Customers Have to Say

Shawn’s firsthand knowledge of the security needs of the D.C. metro area, plus his years of security and business acumen have made him a leader in professional security services. SMART Security Pros has been in business since 2016 and has been gathering satisfied customers throughout the Chesapeake region since.

Shawn and his team set up mobile video guard for a construction project my firm was managing. Everything provided has been on time and on budget, and the coverage has been great peace of mind while potentially sensitive data and equipment would have otherwise been vulnerable. I would suggest working with Shawn in a heartbeat.


How Construction Sites Benefit from SMART Security Pros

SMART Security Pros gives general contractors three critical benefits for construction sites of every type.

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