Expert Security Solutions for Government Agencies in the DC, MD & VA region

For government agency security solutions, SMART Security Pros can help. We deliver security technology and services to protect government facilities, personnel, and processes with a comprehensive, cost-effective approach

Government facilities require stringent surveillance and security to protect their assets and prevent a critical security breach. And government employees are often concerned with the threat of workplace violence. 

Protect your government agency with a security service that knows the space.

From risk and threat assessment to implementation and integration of surveillance systems, SMART Security Pros delivers reliable, responsive security for any government agency or contractor. 

We understand the high-pressure security needs of high regulation environments. With over two decades of industry experience, we’re equipped to deliver the technologies, service and superior security your government facility need

Government Agency Security Solutions for Every Need

Get everything in one place with SMART Security Pros. Our products and services cover a wide range of security needs, from VIPl detail to remote video monitoring.

We have the best tech on the market, the highest training standards, and an unequaled commitment to quality and service.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Government agencies depend on rigid protocols and physical security for assets and personnel. SMART Security Pros delivers video surveillance options to maximize your security, not your spend.

Our two main video surveillance systems will fit any monitoring need:



Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaas) guards your government facility better than standard security guard services for a fraction of the cost. 

How it Works:

We install a surveillance system on-site, and the feed is sent to our Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC). Experienced Remote Video Surveillance Agents monitor your site’s feed and dispatch law enforcement in the event of an incident.



Remote Video Monitoring Units are installed with pole or wall mounts. Or choose mobile surveillance trailers to deliver 24/7 video surveillance and security.

How it Works:

We use multisensor cameras to save money and create higher security in challenging or remote areas. These units include technologies to deter crime and record video on motion. You get remote monitored video surveillance from our RTOC, plus access to your live feed through your own mobile phone.

Video surveillance from SMART Security Pros has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars  for our clients through loss prevention, improved safety, and vendor consolidation.

Corporate Safety Training

From active shooter response to specialized job training, SMART Security Pros leaders are experienced in every facet of security. 

We bring this experience to bear in our variety of worksite training programs.

Compliance and worksite safety start with well-trained personnel. We can help with that. Our specialized training programs include:

  • Active Shooter – equip your agency in case of an active shooter event
  • Worksite Safety Measures – from common-sense cash handling to CPR/AED
  • Self-Defense – self-defense for non-security employees

Our list of corporate training courses and safety programs is always growing. If you need a course you don’t see on our site, please give us a call. We can put together custom programs to fit your needs and budget.

Experienced Armed Security Guards

Armed security officers are a staple in government facilities, from tax offices to courtrooms and beyond. Security guards help protect the 2 million civil servants employed by government agencies

Government facilities need better security than the typical unarmed security officer can provide. Many security guard companies deliver an officer to your site with little to no experience in real-life security threats.

That’s not the case with SMART Security Pros. 

We hire only prior or off-duty police experienced agents. Their extensive law enforcement training and experience with firearms and high-pressure situations gives them a professional edge in security. You can trust guards from SMART Security Pros have the expertise to de-escalate real security threats in high security environments.

Our founder, Shawn Scarlata, has over two decades of police force and professional security experience. This informs every aspect of our services to ensure professional, capable response when lives are on the line.

Executive and Dignitary Protection

Our executive and dignitary protection agents are prior police officers with protection detail experience.

Their expertise is supported with access to local watch centers for real-time updates on critical events near the client’s location. Additionally, we offer audio/video monitoring services that feed to our RTOC for total support.

As with all our services, our private security details can be custom fit to your needs and agency budget.

Why SMART Security Pros for Government Agency Security

Get the security your agency needs, backed by top-of-the-line expertise. We’re servicing government agencies in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, and Southern Pennsylvania.

We have real-world experience in government agencies

Washington, D.C. is home to a vast number of government employees – many of our own employees among them. 

Our leadership has a lifetime of experience working in and for government agencies. We are immersed in the security and government cultures. Our highly trained agents have the real-life expertise to assess every situation critically and with personal insight.

The best way to protect your government agency is by hiring a security agency that already knows how you work. That’s us.

We work with your agency’s budget.

We understand that budget is often a deciding factor. Money is a limited resource while needs often seem unlimited. With SMART Security Pros, you get the most value for your spend. We don’t believe in the saying, “you get what you pay for.” We think you should get the most value per dollar possible. Our business model is based on integrity. We deliver up-front pricing, transparent service costs, and a charge only for the service you need and use. We never charge hidden fees and you’ll never get stuck in a tricky contract. Plus, our security services maximize your budget – increased security results in better overall efficiency. You’ll be satisfied with the service and savings you get from SMART Security Pros. Request a quote onlinetoday or call us at (301) 265-5561.

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