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Commercial Security For Your Business’s Needs in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

Professional Commercial Security For Your Business’s Needs

If you are a business owner, you’ve already got your hands full with the day-to-day aspects of running your company. You shouldn’t need to add commercial security concerns to the list! If you need to delegate that responsibility, then SMART Security Professionals is ready to step up and help you keep your business running smoothly.

Secure Your Space & Protect Your Profits with Armed Security

Commercial security professionals are often essential to your business’s day-to-day operations. They can:

  • Provide theft prevention services (so your regular employees don’t have to).
  • Ensure vandalism doesn’t take place on your premises.
  • Help de-escalate situations that arise with irritated customers.
  • Provide eyewitness accounts of incidents as they unfold.

Commercial security can also be tailored to fit your company’s specific needs. Flexible, effective services are key to what we offer at SMART Security Professionals, whether that means providing security 24 hours per day or staffing security officers on-site at your location only during typical business hours.

That means it’s not just a safe bet to hire a security guard company – it’s a sound business decision. Hiring armed security agents to protect your business improves the safety and efficiency of your commercial property or venture.

What Can Professional Commercial Security Do for Me?

Three Ways Armed Security Improves Commercial Business Success

Commercial security offers your business practical protections, but there are also fringe perks that come with contracting a professional security service. Some of the more notable include:

Reduce the overall cost of commercial insurance and likelihood of filing business crime insurance claims

  • Prevent employee theft and dishonest operations
  • Protect against premises theft and robbery during business hours and after-hours
  • Provide eyewitness accounts of incidents as they unfold

Deter criminal activity such as trespassing, robbery and vandalism

  • Monitor personnel, visitors, and others for suspicious behaviors
  • Identify and eject unwelcome or disturbing persons from your property
  • Prevents physical loss and costly damages from criminal activities
  • Ensure that vandalism doesn’t take place on your premises

Improve the efficiency of on-site operations

  • Help residents, vendors, contractors, employee, guests, etc. navigate the premises
  • Deliver peace of mind for occupants, improving satisfaction
  • Help de-escalate situations that arise with irate customers

These might not be the primary benefits one thinks of when hiring a commercial security service, but it is important to remember that every decision you make as a business owner creates a ripple effect ― from the store policies you set to the people you employ and the services you offer. And, when it comes to hiring commercial security for your business, some of the additional benefits might be surprising.

Keep your commercial property safe and secure 

Keep your commercial property safe and secure with a comprehensive security strategy including armed security officers. Don’t overlook the power of armed security to give your property the edge it needs to see greater success. Security isn’t just loss prevention and risk control. When you hire physical property protection, you’re investing in greater sustained commercial success.

In addition to these general services, though, commercial security can be tailored to fit your business’s particular needs. Whether you need security officers on-site only during business hours, or you need security 24 hours a day, flexible service that can provide what you need is key to what we offer at SMART Security Professionals.

Create Peace of Mind with the Use of Armed Security Agents

In the face of so many unknowns, armed security guard services offer intangible value in peace of mind. Maybe you don’t anticipate violence or crime at your commercial property. But then again, how often does anyone expect these kinds of events?

Knowing you have extra hands on deck for everyday concerns can deliver the relief you didn’t know you were missing.

Prevent Violence with Physical Protection On-Site

Whether you’re handling terminations, evictions, or employee violence, armed security from SMART Security Pros can make all the difference. A can escalate from dissatisfied to deadly in the blink of an eye. Our law enforcement experienced armed guards are skilled in identifying and monitoring unsafe persons or actions. We take training seriously so our officers can act quickly and responsibly to contain security risks.

Armed security obviously serves your business with the prevention of violence and protection of life and property. You may not have realized it offers added benefits in protection against related lawsuits, investigations, damages, and insurance claims. Hire armed security guards today to prevent violence and keep your commercial environment safe, pleasant, and protected. 

Why Commercial Property Managers & Owners Choose SMART

Leaders in Industry with decades of experience

We Lead the Industry in Expertise

Our armed security guards are all current off-duty or former police officers with years of active law enforcement experience. Our agents are hired with a minimum of 5 years prior experience. They also face additional security guard training designed just for our team. (We also offer unarmed security services for those who need them.)

Contracting with SMART Security Pros, you get highly-trained personnel with experience in all relevant safety and security protocol. You also get the insight, expertise and on-the-job professionalism that only comes with years in the field.

decades of experience in law enforcement

SMART founder and CEO, Shawn Scarlata, has over two decades of experience as a law enforcement officer. He’s intimately acquainted with the region, having lived and worked in the Washington, D.C. metro area for years. He’s founded and led more than one private security firm, and is respected for his leadership in the field. 

Shawn founded SMART Security Pros with one goal in mind. To deliver comprehensive professional security services with customer service and expertise you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Integration & Flexibility in our Services

Your business is unique, and so are your security needs. SMART Security Pros understands that business security is far from one size fits all. We’ve got your standard security basics all the way to custom solutions just for you. 

Our team delivers excellence across the entire spectrum of security service options. designed to meet any need in Washingon, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and beyond.

Hiring Professional Armed Security Guards for Commercial Property

Securing Business Parks and Office Buildings, Commercial Real Estate, Rental Properties & Other Commercial Properties with Leading Insight and Integrity

We have served a wide range of commercial clients across Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia for over 20 years. We also service Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania. Our satisfied clients include:

Hire Commercial Security With Professional Experience

When you hire SMART Security Professionals, we make your business our top priority. It is our job to make sure that you, our client, receive the best protection we can provide from talented, experienced personnel who know their responsibilities inside and out.

Whether you need on-site monitoring services, armed security, or unarmed security, our team is here to provide what your company needs. We are flexible, professional, and can guide you in finding a plan that will provide the security you need and help your business be the best that it can be.

If you have questions about hiring a commercial security provider for your company, or if you would like to get a free quote to see what such services would cost for you as a business owner, then contact SMART Security Pros today! We are always happy to help new and prospective clients find the security solutions that will work for their companies’ needs.

Hiring Security Guards When You’re Just Getting Started

Beginning a new venture, or starting from scratch on security implementation? Our professional security services have you covered. 

SMART Security Pros offers expert risk assessment for commercial spaces. We’ll evaluate your business, discuss the scope of security challenges your building, property, and personnel may face. Then we’ll work with you to create and implement a security plan to satisfy every point. 

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