Does My Event Require Armed Security?

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Security is important at every event. Attendees want to know that they are safe, and those responsible for holding events need to be sure that people and property are protected. However, deciding whether your event requires armed or unarmed security isn’t always easy. Different events require different levels of security.

The type of security you need will depend on the event itself. While having armed security might help protect the people at your event, it might be considered excessive for some situations. However, if you’re expecting a high-level VP, celebrity, political figure or other important individual at your event, you might want the additional security. It all depends on your event and the people attending.

Choosing Between Armed and Unarmed Security

While many people automatically assume that armed security is the best option, this isn’t always the case. In certain situations, shooters will target an armed guard first. This makes it impossible for them to secure the situation. However, there are several situations that call for armed security. For example, events that involve money, expensive jewelry, artwork, or other costly items could benefit from the presence of armed guards. It’s highly unlikely that robbers are going to stop for unarmed security.

Tension is typically high after a high-profile incident. This is when you might want to step up the amount of security at your event. Having armed security guards at an event is more common following an incident, and generally makes people feel more comfortable. It’s up to you to determine the best course of action.

The size of the event can also play a role in the decision to have armed or unarmed security. Consider the amount of people expected at your event and the amount of space your guards need to cover. You also need to think about the time of day and type of crowd you expect at your event. If you believe attendees might become drunk and unruly, it’s probably better to have armed guards.

Benefits of Armed Security

One of the benefits of armed security is that these individuals often come from law enforcement backgrounds. This gives them the ability to spot potential threats before they occur. Armed security guards know exactly what to look for and how to handle a number of situations. This can provide peace of mind for attendees, event planners, and property owners.

SMART Security Pros provides professional armed and unarmed security guards for events of all shapes and sizes. Our armed guards are off duty and retired police officers. They have the experience and training needed to spot potential threats and protect people and property from a wide range of issues.

At SMART Security Pros, we understand the importance of adequate security. Our founder was an active duty law enforcement officer for 22 years and the former CEO of a local security service. We work directly with you to evaluate your needs and provide you with the best security solution. Please contact us for more information.

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