5 Useful Tips for Hiring Professional Construction Site Security

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Construction sites are an investment in the future. Like all investments, they need to be kept safe if they’re ever going to provide a return. With all the valuable materials and tools that are often left on a site once the workday is complete, and all the risks that are part and parcel of the day’s work while everyone is still on-site, it’s important to make sure you have construction site security measures in place. Further, according to Security Guard Training Central, while cameras, locks, and screens are all important steps toward that goal, there is no substitute for on-site security that can respond to any situation as it develops. Before hiring any professional construction site security service, it’s important to consider who you’re asking to help keep your site safe, and what they bring to the table.

If you’re just starting out in your search, keep the following tips in mind.

Tip #1: Look for Experienced Construction Site Security

There are some general best practices that can be applied across different types of security work, but each variety also offers its own, unique challenges. As such, it’s important to look for a construction site security contractor who has experience in construction sites specifically, rather than just experience providing general security services to other types of businesses, or even residential security services.

Security services that are experienced with working on construction sites will be able to hit the ground running once you’ve signed your contract. There will be minimal need to explain construction terminology and site setup, and these professionals will already have a working knowledge of safety protocols and other procedures that take place on a construction site. They’ll also be able to tell when something isn’t right without the learning curve that would apply to less experienced services. This will minimize mistakes during the initial assignment and adjustment period.

Tip #2: Timeframe and Contract Requirements

Construction tends to operate on a fairly predictable schedule, but you should always ensure that your security company is flexible enough to respond to your site’s demands if things change unexpectedly.

Some security companies will require weeks of notice to get boots on the ground on your site, while others can have their services ready to go in a matter of hours once you’ve signed on the dotted line. Additionally, some security companies will be slow to change schedules, or to provide more or fewer services, as your site needs them. Make sure you ask how quickly your service will start, and whether there is flexibility should you need more security options (or fewer) than you first estimated. Adequate coverage, and minimizing the gaps you’re dealing with on-site is extremely important for making sure your construction project is properly covered.

Tip #3: Ask About the Variety of Your Construction Site Security Company’s Services

Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as your construction site is going to be different from other construction projects, you need to have a security plan that is unique to your site’s particular needs.

5 Tips to Hiring Professional Construction Site Security

As an example, your site may have difficult-to-monitor areas that would be best served by a wireless security system. You may need guards on-site during the day to help keep order (particularly if there’s a lot of traffic in and around your site), or you might need personnel on-site throughout the evening to make sure there’s no vandalism, theft of equipment and materials, or other such problems. You may want to keep unarmed security on your site, you may need armed security, or you may need some combination of special training. The more options a security service offers to help fulfill your needs, the more comprehensive your overall coverage is going to be. As such, make sure any company you consider offers you more than just a basic package.

Tip #4: Research Your Construction Site Security Company’s Reputation

In the professional security field, a company is going to carry its reputation with it everywhere it goes. So before you sign any contract, take a moment to see what previous clients have had to say about this company’s services, and what the general experience with them has been.

It’s entirely possible for a security company to look great on paper, but to have a less-than-stellar record. A company that has a series of lawsuits or negative customer reviews, is one you should avoid when it comes to your construction site’s security needs. Alternatively, if a company has positive reviews, has won awards in its field, etc., those factors should weigh in its favor. Just take a moment to run a reputation search online, or to ask other construction companies who have worked with this company in the past, and it should help you make your decision.

Tip #5: Ask What Effect Security Will Have on Your Overall Project

Every aspect of a construction project comes together in one, complicated machine. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Any change, no matter how small, can create ripples in the project… for good, or ill. It’s one reason hiring security guards is in the top 10 suggestions for improving security on construction sites according to The Cincinnati Insurance Companies.

For instance, consider the insurance costs that come with a construction project. Those costs are determined upon a number of different factors, but generally speaking the overall price you pay for coverage is based on the risks that come with your project. The bigger the risk that something goes wrong, the higher the coverage costs you’ll have to pay. If you have security personnel on-site and supervising to help ensure there’s no trespassing, no theft, no unsafe activities, etc., then that is going to reduce the costs you pay in insurance because the presence of a security service reduces the risk that something will go wrong that the insurance company will then have to cover.

Find a Professional Construction Site Security Company Today

That is not the only way having security on your construction site can affect the project, but it is worth considering all the potential ramifications that will come with a contract once it’s been signed. Because every risk that gets reduced (or even better, eliminated) is one less cost that has to come out of the project’s budget.

For more information on how SMART Security Professional can improve your construction site safety, or to get a free quote, simply contact us today!

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