5 Useful Tips for Hiring Professional Construction Site Security

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What are the Benefits of Hiring Construction Site Security Guards? 

Any construction project, no matter how small, requires significant investment. To protect that investment, you need to make sure your site is secure, prevent costly losses, deter vandals, loiterers, and guarantee everyone who works on the project’s personal safety. 

Many construction projects utilize video surveillance to deter criminals and protect their sites, but sometimes that’s not enough. The best way to see your project through to completion without incident is to hire an in-person security team to protect the site. 

In this article, we will examine how having on-site security guards will benefit your project and give you some tips for hiring the right team to protect your worksite. 

How a Construction Site Security Team Benefits Your Project

Your construction site needs effective security, and on-site security guards are the best way to do it. You are responsible for the safety and well-being of your team and making sure that the project remains on time and budget. Having security guards present at your construction site will help you achieve those goals in various ways.

You’ll not only have a safe and secure work environment for your employees, but you’ll enjoy a whole host of additional services and benefits that will keep your project running smoothly. Here are just some of the ways that hiring construction security guards will benefit your project: 

construction site security team

Effective Crime Deterrence

Unlike security cameras, guards offer a highly visible security measure. This visibility creates the greatest possible deterrent to those who would attempt to steal from or vandalize the project. 

With hundreds of thousands to potentially millions of dollars in tools, equipment, and materials on the property, your site is a juicy target for would-be thieves. But most thieves aren’t looking for a confrontation, and having security personnel nearby makes it unlikely that they will try to steal from your site. 

In the rare event that something is stolen, your security team can investigate the incident and provide a detailed report to law enforcement, giving you the best chance at finding the thief and recovering the stolen property. 

Increased Employee Morale and Peace of Mind 

The fact that security guards are highly visible isn’t only good for deterring bad actors. Employees, vendors, and visitors at your site will feel safer when physical security guards are present. They will know that there’s a skilled professional nearby who can help them in the event of a crime, injury, or other incident. 

Theft Prevention

According to the National Crime Information Bureau (NCIB), construction companies incur up to $1 billion in losses due to construction equipment and tools theft. Having a construction security guard on-site will prevent or eliminate losses by providing inventory management and access control and providing a strong deterrent against theft attempts.

construction site theft prevention

If you have assets stolen from the property, your security team will work with law enforcement to give you the best chance at recovery. 

Enhanced Worker Safety 

Because construction workers work in challenging conditions, injury rates are higher than in most other industries. Your on-site security guards can help ensure that workers and visitors observe safety protocols and provide a quick response should any injury occur. They will also provide a detailed report of everything that happened, helping reduce your liability following the incident. 

Additional Benefits of Construction Security Guards

Having an in-person security presence does a lot more than preventing crime and keeping employees safe. While your security guards are patrolling your construction site, they can also provide a wide range of additional services that will keep your project running smoothly and possibly save you some time, money, and headaches along the way. 

Surveillance Monitoring

If your site uses security cameras (which it should), your construction site’s security guards can provide human monitoring to respond to any incident quickly. Combining surveillance equipment with human guards allows you to have eyes on every inch of your property at all times, with capable personnel ready to respond at a moment’s notice. 

construction site surveillance

Without human monitoring, security cameras provide only a minor deterrent and a record of events. 

Access Control 

Construction site security guards can assist with visitor and employee access procedures and handle the scheduling and receiving of deliveries and other in-person interactions with vendors. They can also handle accountability for tools, equipment, and other expensive materials. Providing access control services goes a long way toward helping your project run efficiently and provides significant value even when everything is going well. 

Risk Management 

Highly-trained security guards are experts at identifying and reducing risk. Construction sites are inherently hazardous, but collaborating with your security team will help eliminate unnecessary risk, making your construction site safer and more secure. 

Emergency Planning & Response 

It’s essential to have an emergency action plan so that your employees know how to respond in the event of a crisis. Your security team can be an essential part of both developing an effective emergency action plan and implementing it should the need arise. 

Hiring a Construction Security Guard Company 

Hiring security guards for your construction project will go a long way toward protecting your investment in the project. Not only will they deter criminals and keep employees safe, but they can provide a variety of services that add immense value to your work site. 

If you are looking to hire security guards for your construction site, you’ll want to make sure you partner with a provider who can give you highly-trained personnel at the right cost to meet your project’s budget requirements. For example, here at SMART Security Pros, we primarily hire security guards with former military and police experience. This guarantees that our clients get qualified and experienced security teams that can effectively meet their needs. 

If you have additional questions about improving construction site safety, or if you would like to get a free quote for security services, feel free to give us a call today

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