How Working With Professional Security Consultants Directly Benefits Your Business

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Security Consultants

Security is a growing concern for modern organizations. The actions of a small number of bad actors can have a massive negative impact on your business, but most small to medium-sized firms don’t have the resources to have in-house security and risk management personnel. 

Professional security consultants exist to help businesses overcome these challenges within a reasonable budget. They provide companies of all sizes with robust security environments that keep their employees safe while minimizing unnecessary losses. 

Let’s walk through what security consults are, the benefits of working with a security consultant, and go over some tips for hiring one for your business. 

What is a Physical Security Consultant?

Security Planning & Development

A physical security consultant is a security expert that can help a business or organization’s leadership assess risk and tackle security challenges. In general, they evaluate potential risks and give recommendations or advice about improving safety and security at your facilities. Depending on the provider, they may also make recommendations for equipment, design comprehensive security plans, or train your managers and employees on security awareness. 

Here are the most common services provided by security consultants:

Security Planning & Development 

No matter the size, every company needs to have plans, procedures, and equipment in place to protect its facilities and team members. This information should be put to paper and be discussed, reviewed, updated, and implemented by managers and employees. 

Critical Asset Identification

A comprehensive security plan needs to revolve around the assets that are most critical to the company. These assets are those that would significantly impact the financial health of the organization if they were degraded or destroyed. A security consultant will help identify which are most critical to your operations — whether they’re physical facilities, supply chains, technologies, or networks — and tailor your policies and programs to protect those assets. 

Risk Management

Business owners and executives should have a strategy to reduce known risks that are inherent to the business. Risk assessment and mitigation can be incredibly complicated, however, and hiring expert security consults can help you identify and mitigate these risks to the greatest extent possible. 

A good security consultant will help you develop policies and procedures that create an environment that promotes safety and security within your organization. This will have lasting impacts that go above and beyond the perks of having a plan.

4 Business Benefits of Working With a Security Consultant 

security breach

Your employees are your greatest asset, and their safety should be your organization’s number one concern. Keeping them safe is the right thing to do, and you’re willing to do what it takes to take care of your people. That might involve a monetary investment, but fostering a safe work environment does save you money. Here’s how:

1. Reduced Liability

Well-implemented security measures reduce the risk of workplace injury. When nobody gets hurt, your company won’t be on the hook for damages and attorneys fees resulting from a lawsuit. Plus, having comprehensive video footage can help establish your organization’s defense against a claim.

2. Reduced Risk for Worker’s Compensation Claims

When a worker gets hurt on the job, it’s the employer’s responsibility to provide that employee with benefits. Keeping your workers safe and healthy reduces or eliminates these claims. A commitment to safety in your work center will lead to lower worker’s compensation insurance premiums as well. 

3. Reduced Losses 

Designing and implementing a comprehensive security plan minimizes preventable losses and helps your company preserve profits. Whether inadvertently or deliberate, internal or external, most businesses have preventable losses that can be curbed by increased security. 

4. Reduced Disruption to Operations/Service

A significant security breach or incident can cause a massive disruption to your business’s normal operations. Companies that don’t have a plan in place to respond to and manage security events can experience significant revenue loss. 

Even though reducing risk and vulnerability might not directly increase your organization’s revenue, there’s no doubt that it has the potential to save you money. Finding the right team requires following professional tips for hiring and working with a security consultant. 

Common Questions When Hiring a Security Consultant 

Professional security consultants (1)

If hiring a security consultant for your company seems like a good idea, then it’s time to start looking for a provider. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a security consultant:

Is the Consultant Experienced?

Experience is everything when it comes to physical security. An experienced security consultant will give you insights and help you develop strategies that truly benefit your organization, not just tell you to install some cameras and lock your doors. 

Does It Take the Time to Understand Your Business?

Every business is unique. Companies should tailor their policies, practices, and equipment to their individual needs, challenges, and risks. Find a consultant that takes the time to learn and understand those factors before making recommendations. 

Has the Consultant Ever Operated Its Own Business?

Security consultants who have operated their own business understand that a business needs to make a profit and that the purpose of security is to help protect and maintain those profits. Therefore, they will be more likely to recommend practical and cost-effective solutions than try to sell you on costly equipment or personnel. 

Is It a Good Fit For Your Organization?

This consideration is a little bit less concrete and more of a gut feeling. Ask questions such as: Does this consultant conduct themselves professionally? Do they ask thoughtful questions about your business and its needs? Do they sound like a security expert or a security salesman? 

You’ll be working closely with your security consultant and using their input to guide significant business decisions. You want to be sure that they are the right provider for you. 

Have Additional Security Consulting Questions?

Making major security decisions for your enterprise is an incredible responsibility, and working with a security consultant can be intimidating. 
SMART Security Pros has provided security personnel and equipment to businesses in the ,Washington. D.C. Metropolitan area since 2016. If you have any additional questions about security consulting, feel free to get in touch.

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