Why Construction Site Security is Essential

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construction site security

Every year, theft costs construction companies millions of dollars. Thieves may target construction equipment, tools or building materials. These items are often resold. Vandalism is another concern for construction site managers.

Construction sites are typically wide open with little to no security. With the high potential of theft, injury and vandalism, proper construction site security is crucial.

Perimeter Security

Fences are the most common form of perimeter security. While fences might act as a deterrent, they can be easy to climb and cut. In order for perimeter security to be effective, it must be combined with other security measures.


Every single construction site should have signage posted around their perimeter. These signs should clearly state that trespassing is forbidden. Signs should warn the public that construction sites are hazardous and monitored by security.

Security Lights

Thieves are less likely to enter an area that is well lit. Security lighting should be focused along the perimeter of construction sites. Additional lighting should illuminate valuable equipment and storage areas. It’s important to ensure that security lighting does not create shadows where trespassers can hide.

Security Guards

Security guards provide an added layer of protection to construction sites. Thieves and vandals are far less likely to attempt anything with a security guard present. Fully trained armed security guards provide a high level of security to construction sites of all shapes and sizes.

Mobile Video Guards

A mobile video guard provides real-time monitoring of construction sites. This innovative system sets up in minutes and requires absolutely no power or Internet connection on the construction site. A mobile video guard consists of high-powered cameras on thirty-foot poles. These poles are mounted to a compact trailer. The system alerts police at the first sign of intruders. The video collected by the cameras provides solid evidence of the incident. This solution is less expensive than armed security guards and provides an exceptional level of security. Mobile video guards can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

SMART Security Pros provides smart security solutions to construction sites in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Please contact us for more information about our construction site security solutions.

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