8 Tips for Hiring Event Security

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Event security services are essential to ensure the safety of both workers and attendees at festivals, concerts, sporting events, parties, conferences, and other events. Participants are able to relax and enjoy the experience if they know their safety and security has been considered. The presence of a security officer not only helps guests feel safe but also deter crime and misbehavior. The guards are there to respond to criminal activity and a variety of other security emergencies.

Here’s what you need to know about hiring the right event security team and developing a strategy that ensures a safe, enjoyable event. 

What Is Event Security?

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Event security is a multi-faceted approach to protecting people from crime and other emergency situations during your concert, festival, meeting, or other event. First, you should assess potential risks and threats to determine what kind of protection you need.

  • Is it an outdoor event where inclement weather could pose a threat to health or safety?
  • What is the likelihood of a medical emergency? Can responders get to the victim, no matter where the medical event occurs on your property? For some events, like rodeos or contact sports where injuries commonly occur, emergency responders may need to be on-site. In other situations, they simply need to be easily contacted if a medical emergency, like choking or even a heart attack, arises.
  • Will there be high-profile guests, executives, or performers who need personal protection?
  • Will people be drinking alcohol? This can increase the risk of accidents or fights, and can make crowd control more difficult.
  • Is theft or vandalism a concern?
  • Is it a controversial event that may attract protestors or even attackers?
  • Is there a known terrorist threat in the region?
  • What type of access control is required? What is the likelihood of an unauthorized person trying to gain entrance?
  • Are attendees prohibited from bringing certain items to the event? Do bags need to be checked, or are metal detectors required?
  • What type of activities will be involved at the event? A concert puts a lot of people in close proximity, and crowd control can be a concern. During a political event, emotions may run high, and you may face protests from an opposing party.

After you’ve determined the security risks you may be facing, you need to hire a highly trained security services team. This can be challenging, because they’re not all created equal. You need to ensure your security personnel are qualified and experienced in handling a range of situations, from crime prevention to guest monitoring, crowd control, and more.

8 Tips for Hiring Event Security Services

Follow these eight tips to ensure you’re working with an experienced security services provider that can meet your needs and expectations:

1. Do Your Research on Event Security Providers

Ask people who have hosted similar events about the company they hired to provide event security services. Did the event go smoothly? Were security breaches handled effectively? Did the team provide adequate protection?

2. Hire Qualified Event Security Officers

You need to know your security guards are highly trained and equipped to handle challenging or dangerous situations. Professional security guards should be licensed, and have years of experience and a proven track record behind them. Choose guards with prior military or law enforcement experience, as these individuals not only understand the law, they’re also trained in identifying potential hazards. They can manage difficult situations with a calm and collected demeanor.

3. Work with a Full-Service Security Team

Most large-scale events need more than just a security guard or two. You don’t want to have to work with multiple event security services to get the protection you need, so choose a company that can do all or more of the following:

  • Personal bodyguards
  • Armed and unarmed security guard services
  • Video surveillance
  • Other security solutions

A professional, qualified team of security experts will combine their years of on-the-ground training and experience with cutting-edge technology to keep your event safe from start to finish.

4. Choose a Security Team That’s Experienced with Your Event Type

If a security guard company only staffs concerts or works in high schools, don’t hire them for your convention. Look for a company that has experience with a variety of event types, including yours, to ensure they’re equipped to handle the unique challenges that are typically associated with each.

5. Assess the Event’s Security Needs

Every event is different. Sporting events face different challenges than concerts or family festivals, while professional conferences have different needs than a star-studded red carpet event. Determine your primary concerns, such as crowd control, access control, conflict resolution, and more. Then, ensure you have enough security officers on hand to manage those concerns given how many people are in attendance.

6. Consider the Venue

The venue may have certain security requirements. Either way, your security team should do their own assessment of the area to determine the following:

  • Where each security guard should be stationed
  • Any access points that may be vulnerable
  • Any unique circumstances that require special consideration or planning

A proper understanding of the layout for the space will make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your security team. The right security partner will want to walk the site to see it for themselves.

7. Communicate Your Expectations

Do you want armed or unarmed security guards? What are your biggest security concerns? There are many reasons to hire event security services, and they’re all valid. The security team needs to understand what’s important to you and what’s expected of them at your event.

8. Expect High-Level Customer Service

A professional security services company should offer an open line of communication. You are the client, and the security team is at work for you. It should be ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and keep you in the loop about security as the event progresses.

Safety and security cannot be overlooked at your event, no matter how big or small. Getting the right security team in place protects your guests and gives you peace of mind.

Your Event Security Team in Washington, D.C. and the Surrounding Area

SMART Security Pros serves greater D.C., Maryland, and Virginia with event security services provided by security officers with years of military or law enforcement experience. We’ve provided protection at a number of private and public events, and we’re equipped to offer event security solutions that match your unique requirements.

Contact SMART Security Pros today to speak with an expert about event security or to staff your next event with experienced security officers and proven safety solutions.

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