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Event Security

8 Tips for Hiring Event Security

Event security services are essential to ensure the safety of both workers and attendees at festivals, concerts, sporting events, parties, conferences, and other events. Participants

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security at voting polls
Event Security

What 2020 Taught Us About Security at Voting Polls

Having a security presence at a polling area to ensure its security from tampering or overly passionate voters is now essential. Here’s what we’ve learned about making sure yours is up to the country’s ever-growing challenges.

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Event Security

Event Security 101

Many of us spend days or weeks looking forward to special events like music festivals, county fairs, or outdoor concerts. It is easy to forget

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executive and dignitary security
Shawn Scarlata

Executive / Dignitary Protection

Elite Executive Protection, Dignitary & VIP Protection Services Work With Professionals Experienced in Detecting and Mitigating Emerging Risks with Confidence and Speed to Protect Executive

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