Event Security: Challenges of Donald Trump and Other Events

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event security

Event security has become more and more challenging in recent years. 9/11 changed the shape of VIP Event security forever. Donald Trump’s swearing in will be an event that will perhaps see the tightest inauguration security America has ever known.  The closely fought and often controversial presidential election has created added security concerns and challenges that have never been seen before. President Elect Trump is in his own right a VIP and a Celebrity. The normal high profile event security he takes as second nature will have to be stepped up further and any event associated with the inauguration will also see tighter corporate event security.

Event security, whether it is high or low profile is the same in many ways for any event, getting the basics right is critical. If you treat every event as a high profile event your event security will always be top class.  Here are 9 tips that you can use to secure any event. Some of which have more than likely been used as part of the inauguration security for Mr. Trump.

Vet Those Attending

High profile or corporate event security should from the outset ensure all attendees are vetted. People attending events, especially high profile events have been invited formally.  While checking who’s who can be time consuming, when done correctly with well trained staff it can be swift and effective.

Back Up Your Unarmed Security

Every security plan has a backup plan and because most private security firms staff with unarmed officers it makes sense to back them up with current or prior police officers who are armed. In a high profile event such the inauguration having the balance of armed and unarmed security personnel makes for effective event security.

Be Ready for a Demonstration

The inauguration security team for Donald trump will have been fully briefed and will anticipate demonstrations. The controversy of the future president and all that surrounds the election has left America divided and some form of protest must be planned for. Demonstrators can easily get out of control, having an effective plan to combat this while respecting their rights is essential. A professional security company will understand this and will have the expertise to deal with this as part of any high profile event security plan.  

Suspicion on the Perimeter

A high profile event such as the inauguration will have a fairly wide perimeter. Keeping potential trouble further away than arm’s length will be a priority for any VIP event security team. Keeping a very close eye on perimeter activity is vital when securing a VIP or high profile event. Suspicious vehicles, unusual gatherings of people and things that just seem out of place all need to be addressed. Using well trained staff with technological surveillance equipment makes this straightforward allowing the VIP to remain the center of attention without any concerns.

donald trump event security
credit: Alex Hanson

Flexible Planning

VIP and high profile event security must be flexible. Despite the fact that the event may have a strict run sheet remember that events are about people. People such as President Elect Trump, especially, are not known for sticking to the rules.  Being prepared for a walk about or something that is not on the sheet must be planned for.  A rigid event security plan has its advantages and disadvantages but it can be very easy to be caught off guard.

Is There a Shooter Response Plan

Shootings in America hit the headlines far too often and this should be an indication for event security providers to have a shooter response plan. The inauguration security will have perhaps the most solid and well planned shooter response plan of any event. All parties involved with the event and securing the event need to be happy that the shooter response plan is adequate, sadly it is a modern day need.

Know Your Security Team

This is a tip for both the security firm engaged and for the event organizers. Vetting guests is one thing but vetting and knowing the security team is another altogether.  Especially if using more than one security company or if the security company used is using third party support.  For VIP event security this is an essential requirement.  If the security company is in any way compromised the entire event can be compromised.

Emergency Response Plan

If things do go wrong or emergency services have to be called, what is plan on dealing with them?  Are routes to the venue easily accessible by fire trucks or ambulances?  Are services on standby?  Do emergency services know who is responsible for event security?  It seems like simple stuff, basic almost but this eventuality is easily overlooked. Knowing who is who and how to guide emergency response into the event safely and swiftly is essential.

Have Fun

All events are attended by people, and a great deal of their safety stems from happy and helpful security personnel.  Good people skills are just as important as good security skills at any event. Security will often be the first and last points of contact for most guests, a good security firm will leave them feeling good.  A welcome smile for guests and a level of confidence and professionalism makes even security a special part of the event.   

Event security is all about planning and ensuring all the right people know the plans. Once this is done plan some more and then have a Plan B and Plan C.  Event security is essential and in the current less certain times even more so.  Hence why the words of Louis Freeh (Director FBI 1993 -2001) ring so true:

“The American People must be willing to give up a little degree of personal privacy in exchange for safety and security”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”” shape=”square”]IqTotb6va6NmcMeN9xAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.jpgSMART Security Pros is a provider of armed security services utilizing only active/retired/prior law enforcement officers as well as Remote Guard Video Surveillance services.  Shawn Scarlata is the Founder/CEO and the author of this post.

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