Do You Need Armed Security to Secure Your Construction Site?

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How To Determine Whether You Need Armed Security For Your Construction Site

Security is a prevailing concern for most businesses, from pharmacies to warehouses to wherever your business whereabouts. 

In fact, targeted businesses and properties lose 7% of their revenue to theft each year- that huge!

Construction sites are no exception. 

Vandalism is a significant concern, and with expensive equipment and tools onsite, theft is a considerable concern as well. 

Last year, construction firms lost $100 million to vandalism and theft at their construction sites. 

Consider: simple shoplifting, which happens during open hours and in plain sight, and  ends in the typical shoplifter being caught only once every 48 attempts. 

Imagine the rate for crimes attempted at construction sites, which often remain unsupervised, and in the wide open air.

Professional security is necessary to protect your investment. 

But what kind of security do you need?

Do you need unarmed or armed security guards? 

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a security firm for your construction site.

Unarmed or Armed Security Guard?

Having an armed security guard at your construction site provides the greatest security for your assets and investment. 

An armed security service will prevent potential theft or intentions of theft.

They will also contain situations that could otherwise escalate, and reduce crime at and around your construction site in general. 

Unarmed security can be very effective, as well, but for many construction sites it’s better to be prepared.


Most security firms must employ security personnel that are trained, bonded, and licensed, regardless of whether they are armed during duty or not.

Armed security guards require the same licensing as unarmed guards, but must also maintain firearms permits and licensing from the state. 

Be sure that the security firm you work with employs only armed security guards with the necessary licensing and permits.


Requirements for the training of security personnel vary from state to state. 

It is important to make sure that the security firm you work with has records of the training.  

Make sure that the training has been completed by their armed security guards, and that it meets state requirements. 

Also, find out about additional training that has been specific to the agency or firm.

If only one of the firm’s armed security guards will be assigned your detail, find out about that guard’s training and background.


Consider the reputation, history, and success of the security firm you hire.

When it comes to your business you should prefer one that has been in business – ideally in your community – for a number of years. 

Talk to other people in your industry and try to field recommendations from similar businesses that have worked with security guards in the past. 

The firm’s reputation will tell you a lot, so be sure to seek it out.


An experienced firm, with a long history of success in your industry and your community is a great start.

Make sure that they are employing experienced security personnel as well. 

While new firms and agencies, and new-to-the-industry armed security guards might have enough training to be effective, it is ideal that your assets and investments be protected by seasoned and qualified professionals.

Many armed security guards have a background in law enforcement or the military. 

Find out about the experience of the armed guards employed by the agency you work with.


Adhering to your budget is critical in all aspects of business, but hiring security may be an exception. 

While you will very likely find a security firm that can work within your budget, it’s necessary to consider what can be lost by cutting corners. 

Let the reputation, training requirements, and experience of the firm you hire be measured the same as the cost. 

A less experienced and prepared security guard could very well end up costing more than what you saved.

Don’t take shortcuts when protecting your construction site. 

Construction sites are among the most vulnerable business properties, subject to theft and vandalism. 

Protecting your project with a firm that specializes in construction site security and provides highly qualified construction site security officers is critical. 

Contact us today to learn about options for keeping your construction site secure day and night.

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