The Guide to Armed Security at Stadium Events

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armed security at stadium events

There were 340 mass shootings in 2018.

While these tragedies occurred under various circumstances, there’s no denying that heightened security has become a necessity for many companies and organizations. 

As difficult as it is to fathom, terrorists often target large-scale events and crowded areas where they can inflict the most damage. This is just one reason why event coordinators need to hire armed security.

Protecting spectators and attendees is your responsibility. Armed security helps visitors feel safe and may even deter those looking to do harm.

Keep reading for a thorough guide to hiring armed security at stadium events, including tips for choosing the right type of security and the many benefits.

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Armed Security Guards Deter Danger

This is one of the main reasons to hire armed security for your event. Having police or armed security presence on-site will reduce the risk of an unwanted incident. 

Armed security guards provide a visual deterrent to criminals, terrorists, and anyone looking to cause a scene or inflict harm on attendees. Just like common bullies, terrorists and criminals look for easy targets – sitting ducks, if you will.

With armed security visible, intruders will think twice about a planned attack. 

Most stadium events require valid tickets for entry. Security can monitor exactly who is coming and going from the venue. This reduces the risk that an uninvited or unauthorized person slips through the cracks or enters restricted areas. 

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On-Site Security Means Faster Response Time

Even with armed security on-site, accidents happen. If disaster strikes and you need to call the local police for assistance, it can take as long as 5 to 6 minutes for them to respond. And in many cases, this is their goal arrival time, not a reality.

A lot can happen in five minutes. Armed security at your event will respond immediately to any disturbance or incident. Most armed guards carry radios so they are in constant communication with one another. This means if a situation or threat arises inside the venue, guards can alert other members of the team and receive immediate back-up.

Fast-acting and highly-trained security guards at your event can prevent a situation from escalating, keeping guests safe. 

Security Presence Makes Guests Feel Safe

Guest safety is your number one priority when planning any type of large-scale or stadium event.

Attendees are placing their trust and confidence in you. They expect to safely enjoy the event without fear of harm or danger. 

Armed security can perform bag checks and use metal detectors to prevent guests from bringing weapons or unauthorized items into the event. This adds another level of security and safety for visitors. 

If you’re planning a promotional event looking to attract new clients or customers, hiring armed guards shows attendees that their needs and safety are a top priority. This helps you make a great first impression as a company they can trust.

Armed Security Offers Crowd Control 

While some people consider a mosh pit a sign of a good time, this likely isn’t the case at your event. You want guests to have fun without endangering themselves or others. 

We’ve all seen street-wide parties following sporting events. Fans and crowds can get pretty rowdy. Add alcohol to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Armed security guards can help maintain the peace and provide crowd control.

Not only can security guards help keep tensions low and spectators calm but they can also help organize an evacuation or exit in case of an emergency. 

Once a threat or danger is identified, chances are some people will panic. Panic quickly escalates among large crowds and leads to people running chaotically, causing mass pile-ups and injuries. 

Prevent this by hiring experienced security guards who maintain crowd control and guarantee all guests exit safely. Professional guards remain calm and controlled, which helps ease the stress of others.

Even without an emergency, the end of the night at any stadium event can get a little crazy. People are in a hurry to leave and might have a few drinks under their belt. 

Armed guards ensure everyone exits slowly, safely, and without incident. 

Some Venues Require Security

Hiring armed security guards isn’t just about your own peace of mind or even that of your guests. Many venues require a certain level of security for insurance reasons.

Security is usually required if your event is serving alcohol. It’s a sad reality that when alcohol is present, altercations are more likely. This might include physical fights or verbal arguments.

Armed guards are specially trained in breaking up fights and handling disorderly persons.

Tips for Hiring Armed Security for Stadium Events

You already know the many benefits of hiring armed security at your next event. Now, take a look at a few ways to make the most of your on-site security the day of your event. 

Layer Security

The most powerful place to have security is at the entrance of the stadium or venue. This is your first defense against keeping unwanted guests outside the premises.

But that’s not the only place you need security. Strategically place officers throughout the venue – both inside and out. To avoid confusion and guarantee everyone is staying on task, designate specific guards for specific jobs.

One group of security may be responsible for parking lot surveillance while others are at the front door and even more inside near the event tables or bar. 

Maintain the Same Level of Security

All too often people plan for mass security at the start of the event but then lower their defenses as the night goes on. This is a big mistake that could end in disaster.

As mentioned earlier, the end of the event is sometimes the most chaotic. When hiring armed guards, be sure to keep them on staff for the entire night – from the beginning of your event until the last guest leaves. 

Stay Up-to-Date on Resources and Threats

Security tools and resources are constantly evolving and changing. Make sure your company is up-to-date on the types of security available so you can make an educated choice.

Unfortunately, threats and the way attacks are carried out are constantly changing as well. Choose a security company that is informed and prepared to handle current threats. Knowledge about how attackers are gaining entry to events and the weapons they’re using could save lives.

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Secure Your Stadium Events and Keep Guests Safe

You want your stadium event to be a success and that involves providing guests a safe and secure environment to enjoy. Hiring armed security not only deters danger but it creates an organized event where visitors feel safe and happy. 

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