5 Uses for Mobile Security Surveillance Trailers

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Mobile Security Surveillance Trailers

Mobile security surveillance trailers can be a cost-effective solution for short-term or long-term site security. Featuring cameras mounted on 30-foot poles, license plate capture, thermal imaging, live monitoring, and 24/7 recording, these units can be rented for as long as your company needs. Whether employed to monitor an event, construction site or any site containing valuable assets, they offer surveillance for a fraction of the cost of a security guard.

The following are 5 different uses for mobile security surveillance trailers.

  1. Construction sites and equipment yards

Construction sites are prime targets for thieves for a number of reasons. The sites are often located in remote areas, making it easier to enter unseen. Low-quality locks may be used, or the crew might forget to lock up at all. Equipment is easily accessible if the cabs are open, and often one key will unlock all equipment. Additionally, these sites may be left unattended overnight and during weekends. Site managers usually do not notice a theft that occurred on the weekend until the next work day.

Once stolen, recovering equipment can be a challenging task. Not every piece of construction equipment is not required to have a title and registration. If your equipment does not have a VIN (vehicle identification number) or PIN (product identification number), police have difficulty finding the specific stolen “yellow bulldozer.”

In 2014, 11,625 heavy equipment thefts were reported. While the value of the equipment was reported at $7,735,458, total losses were estimated to be over $13.1 million, considering lost efficiency and missing deadlines. According to the same report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, “Annual estimates of the cost of equipment theft vary from about $300 million to $1 billion, with most estimates in the range of $400 million,” not including losses from interrupted business or project-delay penalties.Mobile Security Surveillance Trailers

“Construction equipment remains a key target for practiced thieves as it remains difficult to secure and high in value,” said Courtney DeMilio, National Vice President of Commercial and Fleet. “Replacing stolen construction equipment comes at a significant cost that goes beyond the simple dollar value of the equipment. Oftentimes, theft has a much greater, negative impact on a business—loss in job productivity, the inability to complete a job, a diminished professional reputation—all while the owner is spending a substantial amount of time and money to replace the equipment. As criminals continue to target high-value construction equipment, protecting these tools is something that, unfortunately, must remain a high priority for all construction equipment owners.”

Since construction sites pop up as temporary installations, setting up a permanent surveillance system would be expensive and become obsolete once the project is completed. A mobile surveillance security trailer can accomplish your security needs in a cost-effective manner. With live-monitored security cameras on self-sufficient units, any suspicious activity will be reported to the police within seconds.

  1. Festivals, Fairs and Concerts

Oftentimes, when assessing the security concerns of a large outdoor event, a staff of security guards will be hired to monitor activity. However, employing these individuals comes with a high price tag and even the most vigilant team can’t see everything. Mobile security surveillance trailers can reach 30 feet high to monitor all activity. Whether it’s spotting fights, pickpockets or finding lost children, a mobile surveillance trailer will offer a superior 360-degree view of your event.

If an incident were to occur, the police would be called immediately, cameras are constantly monitored by a live team. And because the cameras are also recording, they will provide evidence if needed by police, insurance companies or other parties.

  1. Car Dealerships

While most vehicles are stolen from the street, certain car dealerships are more at risk for theft than others. These include dealerships with luxury cars, as the demand for Lexus, Mercedes and BMWs is particularly high in the black market, according to Property Casualty 360. Dealerships in border towns or close to ports are also more at risk, with thieves planning on moving the stolen vehicle(s) out of the country quickly.

Thieves are also very interested in catalytic converters, antipollution devices that reduce harmful emissions in passenger cars, SUVs and trucks. These devices contain precious metals—small amounts of platinum, palladium and rhodium. These metals can sell for $1,000 an ounce, with thieves making $150 per converter. According to Lieutenant Tim Torsney of the LAPD’s Devonshire division, “The Prius is particularly targeted because the converter is easily accessible. We’ve seen them removed by crews in less than a minute.”

Mobile Security Surveillance TrailersAccording to the NICB, an “aggressive” thief can steal 10 to 15 converters a day—making densely packed cars on a lot a goldmine for thieves. The same report states that almost 25,000 converter thefts were reported across the U.S. between 2008 and 2015, a 23% rise from 2008. Wheels and rims are also common targets for thieves.

Again, this represents a situation wherein a guard or multiple guards cannot keep watch over the entire property at once, besides, they are a costly form of security. Employing guard dogs is a risky solution as well, considering the propensity for dog bites and the ensuing insurance claims.

No car dealership owner wants to deal with lengthy police investigations, insurance and paperwork. Employing mobile security surveillance trailers is an easy, cost-effective way to monitor your car lot.  

  1. Schools

Many schools have security guards already in place. But again, staff cannot be everywhere at once. Oftentimes, one or two resource officers are assigned to a school with hundreds or thousands of students and staff. In these cases, monitoring all activity from a bird’s eye view would enable officers to provide significantly better security.

Having a mobile security surveillance trailer implemented outside your school will potentially reduce vandalism, bullying, fighting or other illicit activity.  Students (and faculty) will know they are being watched. The mere presence of cameras and a high-tech security system may deter bad behavior.

And if an incident does occur, you’ll be the first to know—versus a student, parent or teacher coming to you with the “story.” You’ll have video proof of exactly what happened that you can share with school administrators, parents and/or police.

  1. Churches and other places of worship

Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard of church vandalism and violence. Graffiti, destruction of property and use of deadly force in places of worship is on the rise. According to Church security consultant, Carl Chinn, 176 deadly force incidents occurred nationwide in 2014 at churches and faith-based organizations. 

Live security guards can only see what is directly in front of them.  Our mobile security surveillance trailers have four cameras 30 feet in the air to monitor an entire site at once. It’s a simple solution to make patrons feel safer, potential perpetrators uneasy and improve the response time of police in case of an emergency.

To learn more about how our mobile video guard can protect your company, click here.

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