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Professional security services for construction sites

Construction site security is a big deal, and there are all sorts of ways things could go wrong for your company. One way in which you can help prevent theft or damage on your construction site is by investing in professional armed security.

Construction in the DC area is a large part of the economy. This area hosts millions of visitors annually, so having the best protection for your construction site and the public are factors to consider. With high-value equipment and materials, security is a necessity to protect the integrity of the site and maintain regulations. In order to get the best protection for your business, armed security professionals are vital to your company. 

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There are several scenarios on a construction site that require the need for armed construction security:

Hire construction site security guards

Maintaining the integrity of your construction site from vandals and thieves is critical for many construction sites. These two acts alone can cost a company thousands and postpone established deadlines. Also, with the presence of armed security, employees and contractors are less likely to take on unethical practices that could also result in damages.

The case of another claim for construction companies in the issue of trespassers who attempt to take advantage of equipment and unfinished sites after hours, resulting in serious harm or death. With an armed security presence, these trespassers are less likely to engage the property. 

construction site security

Your Construction Site Security Is Our #1 Priority

Choose an armed professional or a team of them that has previous experience in security management to include heavy equipment and managing high value items. A construction site is a workplace that is designed around a deadline. Ensuring that the daily operations, as well as the security of the site after hours are critical to a professional security team.

Our armed professionals have decades of experience in law enforcement and the security industry, maintaining safety regulations and maintaining damage control

Choose the Security You Need for you construction site

If you prefer armed security during the workday, after hours, or around the clock, the choice is yours. You can expect the following from our security team. 

Our team will make sure that the property is secure and monitor the area for approved personnel and removing those that are not. The security detail can be customized to fit a certain window daily if you have a security team in place during work hours. 

Invest in Reputation

All construction in the DC area comes with a large financial investment that needs to be protected in some capacity. Potential clients look to companies that are reputable and responsible for their projects.

Investing in armed security for the protection and integrity of a project is an investment in your company’s reputation and will streamline future bids for you.

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