Preventing Copper and Metal Theft

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copper theft

Preventing Copper and Metal Theft with Video Surveillance

Over the years, copper and metal theft has become big business. Harvesting raw metals and converting them into pipes and cables is a slow and expensive process. As a result, recycled metals, especially copper, are highly sought after, so much so that a black market for copper has emerged to meet rising demand in the United States, as well as in developing nations such as India and China, the latter of which accounts for almost 50% of global copper demand.  Preventing copper and metal theft is more important than ever.

The list of covetable metals is long: manhole covers, copper wiring and pipes from houses and buildings, utility company wiring and transformers, bronze and brass statues and monuments, and air conditioning units (to name a few), can all be harvested for their metals and sold for cash. In other words, metals at your business or home are assets that need protecting.

So what is the solution to preventing copper and metal theft?

There are two components of the puzzle. The first is to prevent the theft from taking place, and the second is apprehending the thieves before they get away. We’ll look at how to tackle both issues below.

In a confined space, both prevention and apprehension are straightforward, but cables and other exposed metals are generally not located in confined or easily patrolled spaces. The answer to both components is monitored video surveillance. With powerful cameras, video surveillance of hundreds of miles of cables can be performed with relative ease. Flexible options are available, depending on your business or home’s needs. For example, video surveillance can be done in real-time, with images relayed to a command center, or cameras can be set on a time delay or on motion sensors. Cameras with thermal imagery can be setup to provide security at night or for longer distances that require monitoring.

Not only can video cameras catch criminals in the act, but they can also act as a deterrent to theft. Signage stating that a security company with a response team is monitoring the area will make thieves think twice before entering your property. If the cameras are placed in visible areas, then they will also act as a deterrent.preventing copper and metal theft

If a criminal does indeed decide to engage in theft on your property, motion detection and monitoring can alert response teams. Getting a priority response by your local law enforcement officers is the best and least expensive way to stop these crimes.  In order to get that response consistently you’ll need some form of video verified monitoring.  With the help of cameras, officers can be guided straight to the scene and intercept criminal activity. Ultimately, a well-planned video surveillance system managed by a professional security company is the best way to prevent copper and other metal theft.

While establishing and running a video surveillance system does pose costs for your business, these expenditures can be easily justified: the cost of a robust surveillance system pales in comparison to the cost of replacing of stolen metals from your property. A professional security company will ensure your exposed copper and other metals are well protected.

Interested in learning more about how video surveillance can help prevent metal theft on your property? Please visit our site to submit your request today.

Be sure to ask about SMART Security Pros no upfront cost plans. Our plans allow you to get started installing monitored video surveillance with no large out-of-pocket expenses. SMART Security Pros is a provider of armed security services utilizing only active/retired/prior law enforcement officers as well as Remote Guard Video Surveillance services.  Shawn Scarlata is the Founder/CEO and the author of this post.

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