Executive Protection 101: How Executives Benefit From Armed Protection

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executive protection

Sometimes it’s not a question of needing executive protection. It’s a matter of when it should start and how to find the best protection available. Executive protection offers security services for VIP celebrities, dignitaries, CEOs, and other high net worth executives.

Global and domestic security have never been more important. It’s almost an imperative anymore to be aware of any risk threat and be proactive in protecting yourself and the ones you love. Comprehensive security for C-level executives in today’s world starts with a risk analysis.

A good security company wants to identify anyone in the company critical to the business that could be a target. Then an assessment is made of the impact areas should something happen to them through a deliberate attack. You also have to learn about the person’s public and private lifestyles.

Sometimes threats come from unexpected sources. Providing executive protection means doing everything possible to reduce any risk factors. Read on to find out more about why you may want to consider armed executive protection.

What is Executive Protection?

There’s a difference between executive protection and being a security officer or bodyguard. The most common definition is close protection is also known as executive protection. Close protection refers to the security measures taken to ensure the safety of an executive or other VIP. 

Close protection is needed because the executive has elevated risk due to their company status, wealth, associations or even what location they work and live. Why would you need executive protection? 

  1. Many times your protection allows you to have the ability to maintain more discretion in political, personal, corporate, or any other high-profile trips or meetings. There are times when protection is a benefit because you won’t have media or other people know where you are or why, especially if the trip or meeting comes with a protective agenda.
  2. You’re mitigating the risk of anyone you have a relationship with professionally or personally from being impacted by a disruptive loss. This includes your companies’ ability to maintain a continuity of business. It also includes your loved one from having to deal with the trauma of losing you to a catastrophic event.

Executive protection also provides you with ability and time so you can be dedicated to working productively and safely. Many times, executive protection works with law enforcement to arrange for travel routes, assess venues and evaluate anticipated threats.

Compelling Reasons For Executive Protection

In the 1970s, executive protection began when the Secret Service started protecting foreign dignitaries. In the business world, it’s not uncommon for executives to give an initial pushback when being told they may need executive protection. This is a normal reaction as most people don’t want to lose their privacy or the right to have a certain amount of day-to-day freedom.

This loss of privacy is well worth being able to provide for an executive’s health and safe well-being. Executive protection provides much more than basic security service. Executive protection entails provision of things like:

  • State of the art home and work video surveillance
  • Neutralization of threats
  • Emergency medical response
  • Advanced location and event risk identification 
  • Mitigating risks during travel 
  • Physical protection

Dealing with any cybersecurity threats is also something that can fall into executive protection operations. Any electronic device an executive uses must be secured and have the latest protection through encryption and enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms. Comprehensive cybersecurity protection is needed to help ensure the data of C-level executives don’t become a network entry point for an attacker.

Executive Protection Requires Additional and Specialized Education and Training

Many times a security officer may want to advance to executive protection. That can happen, but many security guards have to be taught and receive advanced training in topics like:

  • Route Reconnaissance
  • Assessment of Threats
  • Location or venue surveillance
  • Traveling and movement protection through embus and debus plans,
  • Counter-terrorist driving and learning about how to detect explosive devices and more 

Education components consist of learning how to plan, execute and operate targeted and designated security services. Executive protection students often learn how to manage and lead operational teams. There are three other areas executive protective agents receive.

One of them is called the three rings of protection, which is how executive protection officers layer protection about the principle. Another advanced training consists of learning how to cover and evacuate the principle. The third most common advanced training deals with finding and using protective intelligence.

Hiring an Executive Protection Firm

If you’re trying to provide executive protection for an individual who keeps moving forward as if they don’t need protection, you might want to try to have them Google their name. Sometimes, when a high-profile or net worth individual ‘Googles’ their name they’re astonished at what’s out there on them. The person may also be surprised to learn about all the people or groups that make threats against them on social media or intensely dislikes them or their company.

It’s always an eye-opening exercise and sometimes convinces the person why they need to hire an executive protection firm. When hiring an executive protection firm, you also want to make sure they can integrate the latest technology with esteemed testimonials and history. Their experience should be a complete solution to all your safety needs.

The executive protection company should have all the proper licensing, firearm, and security permits for your area or location. Agents should’ve received formal executive protection training and will have the diploma or certification in most cases. The executive protection firm will also carry liability insurance.

Final Step

Executive protection is a top concern for every major national or international company for C-level executives. Help give yourself the peace of mind that comes with cutting edge protective technology and security protection. Call the security company you’ve selected and go over their contract, terms, testimonials, references, and coverage. 

There’s no one size fits all security protection for executives. What there is are reputable and knowledgeable security companies that leave the others behind. When you’re ready to take the final and most important step in executive protection, reach out to us. 

SMART Security Pros leaves the others behind because we’re never reactive protection. SMART Security Pros provides proactive planning and expertise, which means everything in providing security protection. 

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