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When you find yourself in need of private security, SMART Security Pros is a premier protection firm to which you can turn

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Whether you’re looking for plainclothes guards to fit in at your wedding reception or remotely monitored video surveillance to protect your construction site, our team is ready to take on any that you need done with professionalism and thoroughness.

Our company provides security services throughout the District and Greater Washington, D.C. area. Depending on your needs — or those of your company — we can send out unarmed and armed security guards in uniforms to make a statement or plainclothes to blend in with the crowd. We’re always ready to meet the needs of our clients with reliable, trustworthy service.

Most Common Reasons to Hire a Security Company in DC

People and companies each need protection details or require the services of a security company for a variety of reasons. Here’s a look at some common reasons people retain our Smart Security Pros services:

Our team has the skills and training necessary to handle almost any request. Call us today to discuss your specific personal or business-related security needs.

Many Areas of Expertise

When you’ve been in security as long as we have, you know not every person or company has the same security needs. Working with SMART Security Pros gives you access to a team of qualified security experts and a protection plan designed specifically for your needs. We strive to provide you with outstanding service on every job, including in the following areas of expertise:

  • Uniformed protection
  • Plainclothes protection
  • Video surveillance
    • Real-time operation center to monitor video
    • Mobile Video Guard surveillance cameras
    • Cameras and analytics
  • Training for corporate security and others
  • Patrols for your property and personal bodyguards who are either armed or unarmed
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Why Hire SMART Security Pros

Many companies hire guards who work for a little over minimum wage with no real training, but we believe you want to work with the best if you need protection. SMART Security Pros takes your needs and concerns seriously, meaning you will always know that the person standing by you has the skills to protect you from any threat. Our clients are always our first priority, so we only hire the best and ensure they have all the training they need.
You have a choice of security companies in D.C. Working with SMART Security Pros gives you the following benefits:

Our Security Guards’
Intensive Training

Many of the guards we hire come from military or law enforcement backgrounds, but each must go through our additional rigorous training program before guarding our clients.

Detailed Background Checks

You aren’t going to hire just any firm to handle your security needs without research, so we make sure to research all of our employees with comprehensive background checks — including examinations of their employment, criminal records, and personal backgrounds.

Military Service

Many of our guards come from military service. These men and women arrive with training and a sense of strict discipline, making them ideal candidates for our company.

The Latest Technology

We don’t take chances when it comes to video surveillance and protecting your property. Our team uses the latest technology to ensure the well-being of your person, party, property, and products. Better yet, we’re ready to adopt new technology as it becomes available to ensure we are always meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Backgrounds in Law Enforcement

As part of our commitment to hiring only the best talent, we look for protection agents who have a background in law enforcement. These individuals come to us with a strong understanding of security, and our training program takes them to the next level.


You don’t take excuses when it comes to your safety and that of your family or employees, and we don’t offer any. SMART Security Pros’ security guards always have multiple plans for your safety, so you know you can always depend on our team to be on time and ready to go to work.

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The Difference Between Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

The biggest difference is that armed guards carry firearms while unarmed guards do not, but each is trained extensively to help diffuse almost any situation. Depending on your needs, we can help you choose which type of guard you want to protect your person and property.

Expanded Service Area for Our Washington, DC Security Company

At SMART Security Pros, we enjoy working with our neighbors and friends in the Greater Washington, D.C. area and take pride in the job we do. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients that evolve with their security needs. For that reason, we provide an expanded service area that includes:

We can provide service to all the towns and communities in these areas, so check with our office if you’re unsure if we offer service in your city.

Benefits of Choosing Our Security Guard Firm

SMART Security Pros is a full-service security company that aims to meet all the needs of our clients, from mom-and-pop stores and large corporations to political dignitaries, special events, and everything in between. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing our team:

  • 24/7 availability
    More than 25 years of experience in both security and law enforcement
  • Many of officers are off-duty, retired, and former police officers
  • Security for executives and dignitaries
  • Complete, personalized protection solutions for you with the latest tools and technology

If you find that you need a security company for a one-time event or for a long-term assignment, SMART Security Pros is ready to fill the need with the best personnel in the business. Request a free quote today.

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