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When you need a private armed security company in D.C. area, you want to trust your family, event, business, or personal security to a team that has proven itself up to the task.

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SMART Security Pros is a professional private armed security company focused on physical protection services in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. Having served the region for more than 20 years, we’ve earned the designation of — and remained — a top-rated security firm through our high-caliber security agents’ expertise.

The nation’s Capital is filled with natural beauty, history, and a booming economy, all of which make it ideal for business, private events, and sightseeing. Whether you want protection for your residence, company, VIPs, or event, no security issue is too advanced for us.

Our Clients & Highly Trained Teams

SMART Security Pros is proud to staff top-quality security officers who go above and beyond to provide unmatched security solutions. That includes protecting corporations, C-suite executives, business enterprises, property managers, private citizens, and celebrities.

We handpick security individuals who can quickly recognize potential security threats and act accordingly. Most of ours are off-duty, prior, and retired police officers. Our clients enjoy peace of mind as trained security officers watch their families, businesses, employees, and events.

Armed Security in D.C.

Whether active or retired, police officers aim to enforce the law within their jurisdiction. If your business or high-profile individual requires armed security, SMART Security Pros can deploy an armed team to the site. Our unarmed police security agents are also equally qualified to thwart crime — it all depends on the situation.

Talk to us about your security needs for insights into hiring our armed or unarmed security professionals and which is right for your situation.

Access Points Control in D.C.

The private security team at SMART Security Pros has the necessary skills to control access points to buildings, facilities, and events, including with modern identity verification technologies, x-ray screening systems, handheld scanners, and magnetometers.

SMART Security Pros guards can assess situations, detect mischief, and quickly make judicious decisions. Our off-duty police officer staff can also arrest suspected criminals and call for backup from local law enforcement offices for rapid responses to subpar situations.

SMART Security Patrol Services

Armed security guard companies play a principal role in protecting commercial properties, residential gated communities, constructions, and other sites prone to criminal hazards. We provide full-time monitoring and security patrols as well as emergency response services tailored to your needs.

If an intruder or alien vehicle enters a secured area, our security agents respond immediately to minimize the risk of theft or vandalism. The demeanor nurtured through military or police training helps our police guards to react to situations appropriately and professionally.

Private Armed Security in DC

Data Center Security Services

If you do business in the corporate world, you understand the importance of data — and the danger of losing it. Bad actors who illegally access your data can exploit it for fraud or to ruin your business. Keep these facts in mind:

Our armed and unarmed police security professionals are fit to guard sensitive facilities like data centers. SMART Security Pros can deploy armed security agents to safeguard your organization both on-site and remotely via robust video surveillance and monitoring systems.

SMART Public Institutions Security

Most public facilities in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas are open to everyone. They are busy admitting and releasing people simultaneously, which means the facilities can be vulnerable to criminal mischief.

Our security guards are qualified to provide security in building complexes where access control isn’t entirely foolproof. We keep our eyes open to arrest criminal elements before they become a nuisance. We provide professional security services to:

Armed Security Company D.C.
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools and colleges
  • Religious buildings
  • Government offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Amusement parks
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels

The SMART Security Pros team is the D.C. armed security company that completes the job with zero disruption of your organization’s operations.

Remote Video Surveillance Services

At SMART Security Pros, we have a modern video security surveillance system under a trained security professional’s full-time watch. Our Mobile Video Guard with Live Monitoring System is an innovative surveillance solution for virtually any environment. Unlike many comparable monitoring solutions, ours doesn’t require power or internet or at the site.

The Mobile Video Guard system consists of high-powered HD cameras installed on 30-foot poles on a compact trailer. You can hire the surveillance staff for as long as you need remote video monitoring, and the system sets up in minutes. This allows for quick, straightforward deployment that gets you eyes on your surroundings in no time.

Learn more about the Mobile Video Guard system by SMART Security Pros.

SMART Security Training Courses

Whether you want to become a security guard, advance your training, or upgrade your firm’s security training, you can count on us.

SMART Security Pros offers the following courses:

  • Security guard training
  • Workplace harassment response
  • Robbery prevention and reaction
  • Active shooter response training
  • Personal/Women’s safety
  • CPR/AED/First aid

Our beginner courses help you jumpstart your career, while advanced training updates security personnel with new security procedures, policies, and equipment use.

Private Armed Security Company D.C.

Private Armed Security in D.C. for All Your Security Needs

Are you looking for armed security companies in D.C. specialized in executive protection, on-site security officers, event security, and mobile video surveillance? SMART Security Pros can provide security professionals with law enforcement or military experience to protect the assets and people you care about most.

Contact us today to discuss any questions you might have regarding armed private security services in Washington.

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