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The world around us is constantly changing, which means that the solutions for keeping your home safe need to be adaptable, and always evolving to keep up with the risks your home is faced with. That is the kind of peace of mind we offer, putting together unique security programs to fit your needs.

armed residential security guard

Professional Armed Guards
for Multifamily and Private Residential Property

Property owners and managers face costly impacts from residential dangers like burglary, vandalism, trespassing, violence, and harassment. Get protection and peace of mind with armed security from SMART Security Pros. Our highly-trained residential security officers have extensive law enforcement training. Whether you need guards at the gate, or within your residence, we make sure you have trained personnel on-hand who can keep you safe. We are ready to secure any residential property, any time of night or day. 

Hire Physical Armed Security Services

Armed guards are a critical component in a comprehensive residential security plan. This is especially true for high-value private residences and multifamily buildings or complexes. While national crime rates are down, public perception of crime has never been higher. Plus, you might be surprised at your local crime rate.
armed security guard
video surveillance

Real Time Operations Center
For Property Video Surveillance

A digital security system never sleeps. Ensuring that you always have eyes on your home can help give you peace of mind. Cameras also act as a visible deterrent, helping keep you that much safer.

Property Crime Rates​

Property crime is the most common type of crime in the U.S. today, according to data from the FBI. In fact, property crimes in 2018 cost an estimated $16.4 billion in losses in the U.S.

Larceny theft is a broad category of crimes. It includes many that are not restricted to residential areas (such as shoplifting). Within that category is a host of residential property crimes, such as theft from homes and automobiles.

Top Three Types of Property Crime in 2018 (by % of Total Property Crimes)

Burglary is A Residential Problem

Burglary is theft or intent to steal, which also involves an illegal home or building entry. The vast majority of burglaries (about 70 percent) occur on residential property.

Do You Know Your Local Crime Rates?

Crime may be down nationwide, but overall, criminal activity is highly dependent on location. Is your neighborhood as crime-free as you think? For example, you may be shocked to know Washington, D.C., has the highest property crime rate of any state or district.

Time-tested, professional armed security is, first of all, a sure way to increase your property’s safety. Secondly, it gives the people within the peace of mind they need to enjoy living there.

Property crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants
in the United States in 2018, by state

Control Property Crime and Protect Lives with Law Enforcement Trained Security​

SMART Security Pros provides professional armed security officers to increase the safety of all residential property types, including:

Multifamily Buildings

Apartment Complexes

Gated Communities





Private Residences

Need Security For a Residential Facility?

Why Choose Us?

Hire the Security Pros with Years
of Experience

SMART Security Pros was founded by industry leader Shawn Scarlata. Shawn’s experience in the field includes decades as an active-duty officer in the Prince George’s County Police Department. Leaving life as an active police officer behind, he found a need in the market for superior security services. So he began his personal work to deliver premier security solutions locally with first-class service.

We are driven by the belief that true success requires exceeding the standard. That’s why we employ only active or prior law enforcement trained individuals with a minimum of five years’ experience. We also implement our own training developed by Shawn. This ensures our armed security officers are equipped to handle any security issue with an immediate, reliable response.

Clients Recommend our Rates, Responsiveness & Reliability​

The personal commitment of our founder to the utmost in security protocol and an unwavering commitment to meeting every client need has made SMART the reputable, successful security company we are today. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. Whether you need last-minute short-term security or a long-standing security solution, SMART Security Pros has what it takes.

24 Hour Security for Physical Safety and Improved Property Management​

Having armed security guards on the premises protects you, your family, or building occupants against violence and crime. It also does much more than that. It creates a sense of safety and well-being and promotes order and efficiency. Plus, it affords you the peace of mind of knowing someone is on the scene if anything unexpected happens.

Guards from SMART Security Pros are trained in the full spectrum of security duties. From risk assessment and threat management to daily log keeping, we do it all. Whether you have security systems already in place, or need a full-time security strategy built from the ground up, we can help.

The scope of residential security services our guard services offer includes:

  • Patrolling grounds and property
  • Identifying suspicious activity
  • Responding to on-site tenant issues
  • Maintaining daily security logs
  • Responding to emergency alarms
  • Filing incident summary reports
  • Assisting tenants and visitors
  • Supporting video surveillance efforts
  • Deterring crime and violence

Contract Professional Security to Enhance Tenant Satisfaction​

Noisy neighbors, personal disputes, and trespassing “visitors” can make renting unpleasant. Improve the value of your multifamily residential property by securing it with reliable security guards. You’ll find hiring professional security services for your multifamily residential properties improves tenant satisfaction. Would-be troublemakers are kept at bay, and the fears of those concerned about crime and violence are put to rest.

Armed security officers create a sense of order and safety on site. This helps reduce unwanted behavior on your property and keep good tenants happy for better business.

Hire The Pros to Protect Your Family​

Your family is your most precious asset; don’t wait until you feel threatened to think about protecting them. Armed protection agents provide physical security for your family that no surveillance system, gates or locks ever could.

Are you questioning the safety of a short-term rental? You might want the kind of part-time security only professional security services can afford. Are you a high-profile individual seeking regular long-term security support for your family’s security staff?

Reliable private residential security is an investment you won’t regret. The experts at SMART Security Pros will deliver.

Contact us today online or by phone for a quote. The process is simple and the wait time is short. We look forward to meeting your security needs.

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Trained and Experienced Physical Protection Agents

SMART’s founder was an active duty law enforcement officer for 22 years in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, as well as the former CEO of a local security service firm that provided this higher level of armed service as one of it’s service offerings. Currently, SMART has a list of over 350 of these agents who are ready and available to quickly deploy to your site.

SMART Security Pros provides world class security guard service for a variety of needs.

Physical Protection, Perfected.

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