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Trust a Law Enforcement Professional To Guard Your School

School Security Is More Important Than Ever

We serve high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and more at campus and school district levels. 

School security directors, administrators, and security officers face daily stress. Only those in the business understand what a challenge it can be to keep a school campus safe.

SMART Security Pros is committed to offering affordable, high-quality, expert services. Our goal is to protect your school and deliver physical security peace of mind at a fair price.

Overall, a school should be a safe, productive and welcoming environment for parents, teachers, students, and staff. But all it takes is to turn on the news to know that schools nationwide struggle with adequate security and school violence. 

Children and young people need a safe, reliable environment for learning. Parents need to trust their children are protected. Administrative staff and personnel need peace of mind to perform their jobs well. 

Securing a school is a tall order, but with SMART Security Pros, it’s not complicated, or expensive.

We Specialize in Providing Armed Guard Security Services For Schools

SMART Security Pros has the experience in school security to make your school safe and secure. We are local leaders in school security, providing safety and security for school campuses in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., and surrounding regions.

Our company was founded by Shawn Scarlata, a prior police officer and leading security expert. Shawn has over 20 years of active experience in the law enforcement and professional security industries.

Industry standards are minimum standards here. Our guards exceed all minimum requirements and training standards for professional security personnel.

Quality Service, No Matter What.

School safety requires knowledgeable application of several overlapping security services. SMART Security Pros offers nearly every security solution you may need. Some of the services our local schools hire us for include:

Affordable Rates

We know many schools operate on a tight budget. We believe every client should get maximum value for every dollar.

We operate on the principle of exceeding every client’s standards for cost and security measures. Schools who hire us for campus security experience a level of service you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. And our price is roughly half of what you’d expect from a typical guard service.

Our affordable suite of solutions allows you the flexibility to choose the services you need at a rate that works for your budget. We promise to deliver the utmost in security on a budget that works for each client’s needs.

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