Hiring Security Guards: Everything You Need to Know and More

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security guard

hiring security guardsFor many businesses, safety and security of their product and property is a top priority, and the most common way to ensure this is through the use of a security guard.

It isn’t just enough to hire a security company, being confident that your protection is of the highest quality is key to keeping your property safe.

Many companies livelihood depend on this protection so its of the utmost importance to hire security guards that are reliable and inform you of everything that you need to know.

Check out our guide to help you hire quality security for your company.

Make Sure They Are Licensed

The Department of Public Saftey should issue security companies who have had all their employees screened and checked while recruiting them.

With these background checks, the company can ensure that their employees are safe and do not have a questionable history.

If you choose to hire a company without proper licensure, you might risk having security guards that are below standard.

Training Level

Asking the security company about the training that their guards go through will give you a good idea of what to expect for the quality of security you will receive.

Decide what level of training makes you feel most comfortable and make sure that when you screen potential security companies they are able to comply with those requirements.

What is Their Focus?

If your security company focuses mainly on apprehension instead of prevention than you may have an issue. Philosophies aside, you specifically will be less likely to be pulled into a lawsuit if your security company focuses on prevention.

Apprehension focused security runs the risk of being aggressive therefore allowing room for the law to get involved in the aftermath.

The Customer is Always Right

Hiring security guards that exhibit this mentality can help establish clear standards for what you need. If a company is fighting to remain in control more than you see necessary, it might not be the right company for you.

You know best what your company needs to maintain protection, and your security guards should adhere to those rules. That way there can be a clear understanding in high-stress situations.

Have They Been Around Long?

Finding a security company that has been in business for a long time can mean that they have a good contact with local authorities, and it can mean they have quality security equipment. They probably also will be familiar with the crime that happens in the area and how to best handle it.

Finding a seasoned company can mean you don’t risk your security while they iron out the kinks and mistakes that come along with a new business.

Hiring Security Guards

The quality of security company and the reliability of the guards is essential in making sure that your property and products are safe. Hiring security guards means making sure they will be able to perform to the standards your set for them.

For more tips on security and ways to keep your company safe, check out our blog.

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