5 Signs That Your Site Needs Better Theft Prevention Measures

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theft prevention

Whether you are managing a construction site, monitoring a car lot, or working on some other kind of project, theft prevention is paramount to your success.

With potential dollars walking off your lot, you could find yourself in financial ruin in a matter of months. But, with the right security system in place, you will find yourself able to maintain your inventory much more easily.

The benefits will extend to multiple aspects of your business allowing you to have lower insurance premiums and cheaper costs for equipment that you rent.

It will also help you avoid delays in production or construction that could potentially result in incredibly high expenses.

So how do you know if your theft prevention is up to date? Read on to find out.

1. You Don’t Use Video Survellience

Having cameras is a great way to deter potential thieves. They make it impossible for someone to enter or leave your property without notice.

A video surveillance system also allows you to monitor your facility or construction site from a remote location. That saves you money in the cost of security personnel.

2. You Haven’t Installed Thermal Cameras

While the basic camera system will deter most thieves, having strategically placed thermal cameras can take your defenses to the next level.

Try placing these cameras in tow lots to find people who may be potentially hiding in the aisles. This helps to improve safety for your patrolling staff as they monitor your lot.

Today’s thermal cameras are relatively affordable and can cover long perimeter lines.  Investing in thermal cameras only makes sense if you are having a service actively monitor your site’s cameras during off hours.  The thermal cameras can detect activity much sooner than traditional video surveillance cameras, but that will be of little use if nobody is watching them actively.

3. You Have Increasing Security Challenges

While your business may have been running well for years, a rise in theft rates can signal issues with your business’ security system.

It’s not easy to maintain a large construction site or tow lot. The sheer size of the space makes it a constant security threat making you an easy target for thieves, vandals, and destructive kids looking to have a bit of fun.

If you have seen a rise in thievery at your site, then it may be time to hire some armed security guards or install new equipment for theft prevention.

4. Your Equipment Isn’t Registered

Many companies will allow you to register heavy equipment so that law enforcement can more easily recover it if its stolen.

While registering your equipment won’t guarantee that it stays in your facility, it can play a major role in whether or not that equipment is ever returned once it is recovered.

5. You Don’t Monitor All Angles

While most people set up their sites with some sort of surveillance, if you aren’t monitoring from every angle you are leaving holes in your security.

Make sure you use cameras that monitor from every angle for the best results.

Theft Prevention Options

Trying to keep your business, construction site, or car lot protected can be difficult since the areas are so large.

But with the right monitoring service, you can rest easy. If you are looking to improve your security level, then contact us today for an estimate.

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