Using a Mobile Security Surveillance Trailer for Event Security

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Mobile Security Surveillance Trailers

There are a number of events that would benefit from a mobile security surveillance trailer. Whenever large groups of people congregate, event security becomes a concern. The larger the crowd, the harder it is to monitor everything and everyone. In the instances of event security, a permanent security surveillance installation is impractical and certainly not cost effective. That’s where mobile security surveillance trailers come in.

These units, are equipped with internal power and internet, come with multiple cameras mounted 30 feet high to ensure a bird’s eye view of your event. These top of the line cameras are monitored by trained security experts.

Surveillance Agents

Our video surveillance agents have a minimum of five years of prior law enforcement, public safety communications or military experience. Individuals with these kinds of backgrounds have oftentimes seen and dealt with high pressure situations that the average person has not, making them especially qualified for the job. They constantly scan the event for suspicious activity and report it according to protocol.   Whether it’s a minor instance they log, or an incident that requires immediate police attention and a call to 911. Agents are proficient in video management software and have the ability to stay calm and communicate clearly with police if something is awry.

Security Surveillance Trailer

security surveillance trailer for event securityAs for the cameras, depending on the model used on the Mobile Video Guard unit they can have several special features.  Some feature thermal detection for night time intrusion and fire detection.  Others have license plate reading technology, enabling police to better identify persons of interest. The cameras on the unit provide a 360-degree view to allow our agents a ful view of the site.

Sometimes an event producer will opt to hire a staff of security guards. But at large events, even the best on-foot guards can’t see everything at once, and they are not inexpensive hires. Our cameras can spot fights, theft, lost children and much more with ease and for a fraction of the cost. And because the cameras are live streaming as well as recording, they offer video evidence.  This will be needed by police, insurance companies or other parties in case of an incident.

Spectator Experience and Event Security

Another aspect to consider is balancing security and the spectator experience. According to the report Security Management for Sports and Special Events, “Effective customer relationship management is the key to continued support and attendance, which many times results in huge economic benefits. Given the threat of terrorism to sport and special event venues worldwide, the challenge of balancing the fan experience with optimal security management practices has been greatly magnified. The dilemma that faces most sport and event organizations is how those responsible for safety and security can create a somewhat transparent yet highly efficient and effective security management system that does not become excessively obtrusive.”

Cameras mounted in the air are not a particularly invasive security practice.  Especially since most people today expect to be monitored on camera when in public. If spectators notice the mounted pole cameras, it won’t come as a surprise. While you know there’s a team of trained surveillance technicians watching, this isn’t obvious to anyone else, and leaves their sense of privacy intact.

Whether you’re using mobile security surveillance trailers for a sporting event, music festival or political demonstration, you’re in good hands with our state-of-the-art units.

To learn more about how our trailers can keep your next event safely monitored, click here.

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