Hiring the Right Security Guard for Your Family

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When Should You Hire Personal Security for Your Family?

In general, if you’re a high-profile person or possess relative wealth, you may be a target for violence or monetarily-motivated crime such as kidnapping. If you are concerned about your own safety, it’s likely this indicates risk for your children, too.

If you wonder whether or not personal security is right for your family, take a look at this helpful article from the Edward Lowe Foundation on when you should hire a personal security team. 

You may need private security to serve as a bodyguard for your children or child if you are:

If you belong to any of the above groups, here are four strategies to help you determine whether additional security may be necessary:

  1. Evaluating your place in the public eye – do people know who you are? Do they have strong feelings about you?
  2. Understanding the access the people have to you – what type of people have access to you, and how? How protected is your family?
  3. Recognizing your financial ranking among the public – are you perceived as rich? 
  4. Understanding the tensions in relationships around you – is there a grudge against you or obvious danger to your children?

If You’re at Risk, Your Children May Be

It’s important to understand that a person’s position affects their children as well. If you suspect you may be at risk, it is also likely that your family may be at risk.

Reasons Your Children May Need Personal Security

Hiring an armed security agent will support you in protecting your children at school and at home, helping keep them safe against a number of threats, including paparazzi, shooters, kidnapping, and general accidents and safety concerns. 

Whether you need a personal bodyguard to join your protective team, or need temporary services from a security firm to protect your child in a one-off or short-term situation, read on for more on hiring the right security guard for your children.

Security to Protect Against Paparazzi and Ensure Privacy

The children of celebrities and other high-profile persons are often the targets of extreme – and sometimes dangerous – interest by the public. 

Recently, a paparazzo was caught photographing the children of celebrities Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard at their school. Fortunately, Bell she saw what was happening, confronted the photographer, and convinced him to delete the photos. Having the public aware of your child’s appearance and location is a danger you can’t afford. When you’re concerned for your child’s safety and privacy when it comes to cameras and can’t be there to shield them yourself, private security can help.

paparazzi bodyguard

Armed Security to Keep Your Child Safe from Violence, Shooting & Kidnapping

With the uptick in school shootings in recent years, you may want to hire protective services for your child for peace of mind in the event of an active shooter event. 

Kidnappings – including those for ransom – are rare, but they are not unheard of among high-profile and wealthy families, especially in countries with weaker political systems. The world is dangerous place, and there’s truly no predicting what may happen.

With the legal authority to protect your children and property, armed law enforcement or military-trained security guards can deliver the peace of mind you need to keep your child safe when they’re away from the safety of your home.

Security Detail for Your Child’s General Safety

Aside from drastic violence and out-of-the-ordinary dangers, private security personnel for your children can still be valuable. A personal security guard will help to protect your children from daily dangers and accidents and serve as a helper and protector in difficult situations.

You may need to hire security for your children even if you’re not a high-profile person. There are many situations in which your child may need the extra protection afforded by a personal security officer. No matter the situation, an armed security guard can provide personal 24-hour protection for you and your loved ones. 

Questions to Ask When Hiring A Bodyguard For Your Child:

Obviously hiring protection for your child or children is something to consider deeply before making a choice. You’ll want to make the most informed decision possible when protecting what’s most valuable to you.

Armed or Unarmed? 

Whether you want to hire an armed or unarmed security guard may depend on the type of protection you need them for. For general privacy and protection, you may find an armed guard unnecessary. In situations you worry you may face physical violence or shooting, an armed guard will offer more protection. Whether your child’s guard is permitted to carry may also be influenced by the settings in which they will be serving. 

While you have the liberty to protect your child with an armed guard at home, schools and other locations or organizations may have their own rules for whether firearms are permitted on the premises.

Previous Experience?

Again, what you’re looking for here will depend on the reasons why you need personal protection for your child in the first place. Ideally, the guard you choose will have experience in the types of situations you’re protecting your child or family from.

When you use a security service employing prior or off-duty law enforcement to guard your children, you get the peace of mind that they are considerably trained in emergency situations and handling criminals. This is a plus, however, it may not mean they are skilled in working with children.

Are They Good With Children?

Any parent knows: not everyone is good with children. And not even everyone who is good with children will be good with your children. 

First, find out if the bodyguard or police officer in question has training or experience in protective services for children. Bodyguard training or police experience alone doesn’t mean they’ll be good talking to your kids and protecting them on a day-to-day basis. Have they worked with children approximately the same age as the children they’ll be protecting? 

With excellent references or personal connections and a good rapport upon meeting them, it may not be absolutely necessary that your guard has experience with children, but in most cases, you’ll probably find that those who have worked as protection details for children will be the most qualified to meet your needs.

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