The Complete Guide to Armed Security During a Lawsuit

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armed security during lawsuit

Maintaining Security During a Lawsuit with Armed Security

Lawsuits are often unpleasant things to begin with. Wrong has been done, tensions are high, proceedings are drawn out, and it’s generally something no one wants to deal with. Even worse is when one or more parties involved believes themselves to be at risk of physical harm.

It’s no surprise that lawsuits can get ugly. With reasons for a contentious lawsuit spanning the scope of human behavior, from loss of life or property to divorce and custody arrangements, it’s easy to see why there may be a need for armed and unarmed security officers during such proceedings.

Courtroom Security Measures

Most modern courthouses feature pretty heavily considered security design. Metal detectors and x-rays prevent people from carrying weapons, closed-circuit video surveillance monitors the actions of all within, and highly trained staff are equipped to take down a threat when it arises. 

Be Aware of Unexpected Dangers

While court security is designed to be safe and secure, there are still dangers. A violently upset person is a risk no matter how many security features are in place. And the list of common courtroom items that can be used as weapons is longer than you may think: 

  • Microphones and stands
  • Electrical cords
  • Scissors, staplers and letter openers,
  • Briefcases
  • Lecterns and easels
  • Flagpoles
  • Fire extinguishes
  • Gavels
  • Paperweights
  • Chairs

Addressing these less-obvious risks can range from solutions such as rearranging courtroom furniture to more defensive positions to securing or banishing the list of potentially dangerous objects above to making sure defendants stay seated to help keep emotions and physical danger suppressed. 

Control Your Own Physical Security During a Lawsuit

While the citizens involved in a lawsuit have little say over the internal courthouse security, there is one aspect of personal security they have more control over: their personal security outside the courtroom.

Hire Armed Security for Safety Concerns Outside the Courtroom

Are Weapons Allowed in the Courtroom?

For years, the permittance of weapons inside a courthouse has been a contentious and debated point between state and federal legislature. Restrictions on firearms in courthouses and courtrooms has changed frequently; some states allow weapons in courtrooms now, but there are limitations based on location and person or official.

Be Prepared with Private Protection

Armed private security may not be allowed in the courtroom, but depending on their situation, a person may feel the need for additional protection outside the courtroom. 

And remember, whether the threat to your person, family, or business’s safety is real or perceived, peace of mind when going through a challenging time is priceless. 

Family Security During Lawsuit

A person may need protective services for peace of mind if when going through family-related legal issues such as custody cases, contentious divorces, and other legal proceedings concerning safety, wellbeing, and justice for a family unit. 

Lawsuits create enough stress and anxiety without the additional psychological challenges of fearing physical harm. 

Armed security guards are trained to asses your risk level, identify threats, and protect your family at home and wherever you happen to be. Whether the need is for overt armed guards who make an imposing presence to intimidate your threat, or for security that remains invisible as possible, you can find cost-effective security services to deliver the certainty that your children and family will be protected.

Personal Security During Lawsuit

Non-family related legal disputes can also cause concern for personal security. Company executives can come under fire for firings or other situations where an employee feels wronged. Essentially, anyone who feels wronged can pose a threat – especially if the lawsuit is a significant one. 

While not necessarily common, stalking, threats of violence, harassment, and more are things that a prosecutor may face during a lawsuit. This is especially true for those in positions of wealth, notoriety and power. 

Hiring discreet and highly-trained prior or off-duty law enforcement as armed security guards can stop these types of threats before any harm is done, as well as deliver an added layer of security that the court may not be willing to provide in such situations.

Corporate Security

If the lawsuit in question calls into question the motives or actions of a corporation, executives may need to call in security to protect the building and its employees. A company involved with a contentious lawsuit may face dangers including cybercrime, theft and vandalism, workplace violence, and more.

When someone files a lawsuit leaving a business facing public scrutiny, security issues come to the forefront. In the face of a prominent lawsuit wherein the court is not responsible for protection, the service of a private security firm can protect property until the threat has passed.

Hire Law Enforcement Trained Security Services

Using the short-term services of a private, local security firm like SMART Security Pros can deliver the peace of mind and 24/7 protection that you need when facing a lawsuit. 

SMART Security Pros has provided armed and unarmed security guards and physical protection services in the Washington, D.C. area, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond for over 20 years.

All of our armed security guards have at least 5 years of prior law enforcement experience, and aware of state and federal law and regulations on issues of crime, security and weapons compliance.

All of our security services can be used in conjunction with video surveillance and other security features, and include:

  • Executive and dignitary protection for 1:1 physical protection in any circumstance
  • Family protection services, including home monitoring and bodyguard services for children
  • Corporate security training, empowering employees with security skills

Don’t wait for a threat to endanger your life and property or that of those you love. Be proactice and contact SMART Security Pros today for a quote at 301-388-8487. It’s not worth the risk to take a chance with your most valuable assets.

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