Short Term Security Guards: When to Hire and How to Vet

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security guards walking through a crowd of people

When to Hire Short Term Security Guards & How to Choose the Best Security Service

If you’re considering hiring a security guard for short-term security at your job or event, we’re here to help you decide 1) if you should and 2) how to find the right option.

How to Decide If You Should Hire Short Term Security Services

security guard in a building

Maybe you’re planning an event and want extra hands on deck. Maybe you or someone you know has received a threat at work (unlikely, but these things do happen). Either way, temporary security services can help.

Not sure if you really need a short-term security guard? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

Do you have atypical concerns about internal safety or compliance?

Not sure what we mean? Here are some examples of unusual safety or protocol issues:

Internal mishaps or odd behavior in your company

Are you dealing with problems like: 

  • things going missing
  • money unaccounted for
  • doors being left open
  • someone acting suspicious

These are the situations where hiring a third-party security officer can bring you resolution quickly and without conflict. 

An outside security guard answers to their company, not yours, so they’ll be objective and trustworthy to report suspicious activity happening within your workplace. Even if your company has its own security personnel, this type of situation can actually benefit more from a temporary third-party individual. 

Criminal endangerment

You may want to hire a security officer if your workplace or someone in it becomes at risk for criminal intent. For instance, an employee at your workplace might be dealing with a stalker, or perhaps a dangerous criminal has been reported on the loose in your area. These events are rare, but they’ve happened

A professional short term security guard outside a building

A professional security guard has training in several types of safety protocol and can spot a dangerous situation before it happens.

Having a security guard to monitor the area while you continue business as usual will lessen any fear and encourage usual levels of productivity despite the threat.

High Traffic, High Risk

Risk multiplies when you get a lot of people in one place. Event safety concerns run the gamut from kidnapping and theft to parking lot brawls and traffic jams. 

Trained security professionals and law enforcement officers can help ensure your event is safe – from directing the flow of car traffic and human traffic to spotting suspicious activity before any harm is done. School events, such as graduations, may also require security.

Professional short term security guard

You’ll really want professionals on hand if your event is one that causes excitement, like concerts, sporting events, or political rallies. Any place people tend to be drinking, cheering, and otherwise excitable is more prone to becoming volatile.

A well-trained security guard can do anything from de-escalating a drunken brawl to administering CPR if an accident occurs.

Whether for a day, a week, or any other length of time, using short term security services is a good idea whenever you expect increased risk. 

Decided to call in the professionals? Here’s what to look for:

4 Questions to Ask When Hiring Short Term Security Officers

Take some time to consider – don’t just choose the first company you find. Here are four questions you should be asking:

1. What kind of training do they have?

When safety is priority, you want to make sure your guards don’t just look good in their uniforms. You need to know whether they have the credentials to do the job well. Find out if the company you’re considering employs active or prior law enforcement trained security. If they do, you can trust they have exceptional training and a professional background. 

If they don’t, check their credentials, what type of training they have received, and what type of certifications they have. Making sure your officers are well trained in security protocol and emergency response will keep your special event or workplace safe.

2. Do they have the options you need?

Now that you know what you need a guard for, you need to know if the company you’re considering specializes in that area. You might need a plainclothes security detail for one particular person, or you could need both armed and unarmed security officers to perform several functions at an outdoor event. If you can’t find out on their website, call and ask them what their specializations are.

Note: Don’t forget to consider the uniform options? You might want an off-duty police officer, but that police-style look that screams “security guard!” isn’t your best bet for every situation, although sometimes it’s exactly what you need.

3. How are their ratings and reviews?

Reviews aren’t everything, but if the company has good Google or Yelp reviews, that’s a good sign. People tend to leave reviews for bad service and to continue their day with no review when they get good service. That’s why it’s so impressive to find a place with many good reviews – it means the service wasn’t just good – it was good enough to write home about – or at least to write about online. 

Look for a company with several positive reviews, and take a minute to scan for details – did their security officer help keep a recent event running smoothly? If you’re looking for event security, you can probably trust this company’s a good fit.

4. What size is the company?

You know how you can often find better food at a local eatery? Similarly, you can get better quality security services from a smaller security business. A local company will have the time and resources to give you 100% undivided attention. 

Plus, with a smaller customer base to draw from, your money is more important to them than it would be for the big guys at a national security firm. It’s critical that they leave you satisfied – remember what we said about bad reviews? 

If you need a place to start, contact us at SMART Security Pros. We’ll be happy to help you choose from our SMART Security Services and get you a quote quickly.

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