4 Security Solutions for Potential Workplace Violence and Danger

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4 Ways to Protect Your Employees From Unexpected Workplace Danger

Do you work in a very dangerous environment? If not, your employees probably don’t expect to put their lives on the line when they come to the job site every day.

In fact, the drive to work is statistically far more dangerous than most jobs. In 2017, over 37,000 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, but only 4,674 workplace deaths occurred in the private sector.

When your employees clock in safely and are ready for a routine day on the job, their safety occurs on your watch. It’s your job to do your best to protect your business’s valuable workers.

Of course, OSHA standards exist to protect against day-to-day safety concerns. But what do you do about unexpected threats, like robbery, gun violence, assault, etc? If you ever face that one-in-a-million, unexpected scenario, you’ll wish you’d read this article.

Here are four tips for workplace protection. These will give you some ideas on keeping your employees safe from unexpected threats in the workplace.

Professional Security Guards and Video Surveillance Can Save Lives and Money

From a remote video monitoring security system to on-site active-duty security guards, consider investing in real security for your workplace.

1.   Employ Security Guards To Protect Lives and Property

This level of security is especially good for when you’re dealing with the threat of criminal intent. Criminal intent is one category of workplace violence. This happens when someone (unrelated to the site) commits a crime with violence at an active worksite.

Here are some facts you may not know about criminal intent workplace violence:

●     It’s the least common type of workplace violence but has the potential to be very traumatic

●     It often happens to workers who handle cash, work late, or work alone (for example, bank tellers and taxi drivers, to name a few)

2 Critical Reasons You May Need Security Personnel

There are two main reasons you may need security guards for unexpected workplace threats.

1. To Detain or Defend The People Involved in an Incident

With armed and/or police-trained security officers on-site, you can stop a perpetrator in their tracks. They will prevent death or injury to your valuable employees. They have the training and the skills to defuse the situation and detain the criminal until law enforcement arrives to resolve the scene.

2. To Protect Workplace Property

Unexpected danger can be an opportunity for theft or other physical loss.Hiring professionals from a security service is one of the best ways to prevent loss of money or goods and protect against property damage.

2. Use Video Surveillance To Capture Illegal Activity

Video Surveillance is one of the first things people think of when they think of security efforts. They’re everywhere, and for good reason.

Video surveillance systems serve a dual purpose. They deter criminal activity, and record criminal activity when it happens.

Know Your Video Surveillance Options

There are several types of video surveillance systems and setups available. Two options well-suited for job-site monitoring are Video Surveillance as a Service and Remote Surveillance Trailers.

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

VSaaS allows you to have multiple cameras feeding real-time footage to a control center. If suspicious activity is detected, the control center sends police or security guards to handle the event.

The great thing about the remove surveillance trailer option is that it works with your existing video surveillance cameras, if you already have them. Other pros include:

●     More effective monitoring than cameras or security guards alone

●     More cost-conscious than traditional security guard services

●     More on-site monitoring than security guards could provide for the same price

Remote Surveillance Trailers

Remote surveillance trailers work by hoisting high-powered cameras several feet into the air to provide excellent visibility of the property needing surveillance. These work well in non-permanent and outdoor situations.

Some of the best things about using remote surveillance trailers for site security are:

●     Availability for one-time or recurring short-term use

●     Available anytime and sets up almost instantly

●     More security for half the cost of traditional security guard services

●     Does not need internet or power to transfer secure video

Your employees will be safer and feel safer knowing trained professionals are monitoring the security of their worksite.

Increase Worksite Safety With Corporate Safety and Security Training

1 in 7 Americans don’t feel safe at work, and workers report feeling safer when employers provide prevention and security training.

3. Invest in Corporate Security Training

When fear of workplace violence is rising, you can help. Arm yourself and your employees with knowledge through specialized training.

You can hire a security company to consult with your organization and hold group trainings designed to teach everyone how to handle several types of situations including:

●     Shootings

●     Workplace violence and harassment

●     Terrorist acts

●     Personal safety

●     Theft

Employee training is highly encouraged by the National Safety Council and can also help prevent or reduce workplace violence.

4. Promote Safety with OSHA Compliance

We already mentioned this earlier, but you should never underestimate how important general job site safety compliance is.

If employees face a life-threatening event at work, they need to be able to respond quickly and knowledgeably. Just a few questions you should consider:

●     Do exit routes follow standards for design and construction?

●     Are the exits clear and well lit for a safe escape?

●     Are the rooms overcrowded, making it difficult to get to safety?

●     Do employees know the proper evacuation routes?

Following OSHA’s guidelines for a safe workplace, you can ensure that when an unpredictable threat occurs, everyone has the best chance for safety.

If you’d like to learn more about using professional armed security and real-time video monitoring as part of your plan to protect your workforce from danger, simply contact us and we can help you determine exactly what kind of security you need.

Or you can submit an online quote request – even if you need security within a matter of hours. 

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