Meet Bill Gleason: The Washington Metro Area’s Use of Force Training Expert

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bill gleason washington dc

Smart Security Pros prides itself on its ability to provide high-level security training services from the most experienced law enforcement and public safety personnel.

Bill Gleason is among that group of elite security trainers in Washington DC.

Bill Gleason has served the people of the Washington DC metropolitan area as a member of one of the region’s largest police departments for over 20 years, and is currently the Director of Training for Blueline Security Groups. In his current supervisory role at the department, Gleason oversees its Training Division where he has worked for the last nine years.

Since being assigned to the training division, Gleason has played an active role in the training of more than 700 police recruits, leading courses and advising on material that has included:

• Search and seizure
• Principals of investigation
• Interviews and interrogation
• Hostage negotiations
• Weapons of mass destruction, and more.

In addition, he conducts the annual training and re-certification of more than 1200 active duty law enforcement officers.

Bill Gleason has spent more than 20 years in service to the department’s Conflict Management Team, where he plays an active role as team leader and is called upon to handle real-time hostage situations. He is a member of the Special Investigative Response Team; is considered an expert witness in the areas of use of force, defensive tactics, and less lethal weapons where he has been called to testify in local, District, and Circuit courts.

Bill Gleason is certified to teach more than two-dozen defensive tactics, firearm, First Aid and CPR, active shooter, and judgment enhancement training courses in southern Maryland, Baltimore, and for the Secret Service. In addition, Gleason has and continues to participate in personal and professional enhancement programs, including the Montgomery County Defensive Tactics School, Managing Police Training, and regular Jujitsu practice.

To learn more about Bill Gleason, or to inquire about partnering with SMART Security Pros for your security training needs, contact us today.

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