Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Security Surveillance System for Your Storage Yard

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In the US, there are about 2.5 million cases of burglary every year. Most of these cases occur during the day in buildings that do not have a security system.

As such, you have every reason to ensure your storage yards and business premises are safe from potential break-ins. A sure way to do this is by installing a security surveillance system. This will provide 24-hour monitoring to prevent break-ins before they happen.

In this post, we’re going to offer a simple guide on how to set up a surveillance system for your storage yard.

security surveillance systemLet’s dive in.

Understand the Layout Of Your Yard

Storage yards come in varied shapes, sizes, and designs, and each offers unique vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

Understanding your yard’s layout is essential to define your operations, level of risk, and the current state of security. Plus, it will be easier to evaluate your physical facility to identify possible points for unauthorized entry and penetrations.

Drones have made it easier for you to inspect your yard through an aerial view. Be sure to use the architectural designs of all the structures in the yard. On your yard’s aerial view map, mark all the points you think are critical and determine which equipment you will need to install there.

Positioning Your Cameras

When installing security cameras, focus on those critical areas that need monitoring. This is important especially when you’re using a wireless security surveillance system as they depend on a strong and consistent signal. The location of your central monitoring system is also vital.

Be sure there are no tree branches or any objects that obstruct the view of the cameras. Also, rain, direct sunlight, and snow will affect the output of the cameras. As such, find a sheltered area that will ensure maximum footage quality.

Don’t hide the cameras as they offer a deterrent factor that keeps intruders away. Make it evident that you’re monitoring your storage yard. Just make sure they are hard to reach.

Proper System Setup

If you don’t know to use the system, make sure to work with a professional to install the equipment and configure your software.

For a wireless surveillance system, determining a central location for the monitoring system is essential. This is because a weak signal to some cameras will affect the footage quality.

Ensure you can monitor your yard remotely. You can utilize your computer or mobile device to access the view of every single camera. Most importantly, ensure you’re using a strong password to protect your system.

storage yard securitySecurity Surveillance System – The Takeaway!

Having a security system for your storage yard is necessary. However, failure to draft a security plan for your physical facility means you’re likely to miss key areas. You need to identify property or areas that are likely to be burglar targets, such as buildings that have safes, electronics, or sensitive documents.

Walkways, entry points, poorly illuminated areas, exit points, and POS terminals are also important.

Do you want further help on setting up your surveillance system? You can simply reach out to us as we’re here to help.

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