The Most Paramount Pieces of Security Guard Equipment

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important security guard equipment

Not having the right security guard equipment can leave your security guards ill-prepared, vulnerable, and unable to do the job they were hired to do: protect you and your property. Security officers have a challenging job, and equipping them with the proper gear gives them the confidence and capability to handle any situation. It’s a matter of safety for them and the clients they serve.

Security personnel may require different items depending upon their unique postings, but there are some general items guards should have in most security situations. This guide will help you make sure yours are equipped with everything they need to get the job done right.

The Role of the Security Guard

Security personnel are required in various circumstances. They’re hired in retail centers for loss prevention and as bodyguards for high-profile individuals, private investigators, and people who have suddenly been thrust into the spotlight — perhaps someone who has recently won or inherited a large sum of money or been involved in a high-profile political situation or court case. You’ll see security guards at concerts, festivals, schools, bars and clubs, and private functions to discourage theft, protect event attendees and workers, and diffuse fights and other potentially dangerous situations. 

The presence of any law enforcement official is often enough to deter crime and discourage bad behavior, but you can’t assume that will always be enough. Though most shifts will pass uneventfully for the security officers, they have to remain alert and ready to act on any suspicious or adverse situations, such as assault, attempted theft or kidnapping, or physical altercations. The best guards recognize the warning signs of a potentially negative situation and handle it before it becomes unmanageable.

Security Guard Equipment to Help Guards Do Their Jobs

The right security guard equipment is essential for the safety of security officers and those around them. No matter where the guards are working, there is more than one important piece of equipment they should have to effectively de-escalate difficult situations.

  • Heavy Duty Tactical Boots
    Police officers and security guards often spend a lot of the work day walking around. Their boots need to be comfortable enough to stand in for hours at a time, yet be lightweight, flexible, and have appropriate traction so they can run after someone on a variety of surfaces if need be.
  • Utility Belt
    The right security gear belt will make it easy for the guard to carry and access pepper spray, a flashlight, handcuffs, a taser, and a holster and gun. Fumbling for equipment or not having it ready when it’s needed can make a bad situation worse — or prevent the guard from doing his or her job.
  • First Aid Kit
    If there’s an accident on site, the security guard may be the first responder on the scene. Carrying a small first aid kit or having quick access to one at the guard patrol station is essential.
  • Body Armor
    Armor, like a bullet proof vest, offers a layer of protection for those armed security guards who work in especially dangerous situations.
  • Smartphone
    A mobile phone allows guards to call for help or to connect with co-workers or clients, and the smartphone camera is important for documenting incidents. A two-way radio is another option for quickly connecting with fellow guards.
  • Flashlight
    The guard may need extra light on an injured person or in a dark area of a bar or other environment. Yours should certainly have a flashlight if they’re patrolling at night. Maglite is a popular brand for security professionals.

Self-Defense Equipment
They may never have to use it, and simply having it available may be a deterrent for many would-be trouble-makers. Hire only professional armed security guards who have completed thorough (and ongoing) security guard training that includes instruction on how to safely use pepper spray, a stun gun, a handgun, a baton, and more. Your guards can also be trained in self-defense and disarming techniques that may eliminate the need to draw a weapon.

Other helpful duty gear may include: 

  • Rechargeable batteries for cameras, flashlights, and walkie-talkies
  • Night vision goggles for night shifts
  • Lanyards for identification cards
  • Warming or cooling clothing, rain protection, and/or waterproof boots for extreme weather conditions

Talk to your security team to make sure they have everything they need.

security guard equipment

Do You Need to Hire a Security Officer?

Hiring security personnel is a personal decision that will depend on your lifestyle, type of business/event, finances, and whether your focus is on protecting people or property. Like a safe, video surveillance, or a security system, a guard offers an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Ask yourself questions like these to help determine if hiring a one is right for you:

  • What are you protecting? 
  • Does the cost of the would-be loss justify the cost of the guard to protect it?
  • Are you in a high-risk situation or facing a high risk of loss/theft?
  • Do you require around-the-clock, business-hours, or after-hours protection?
  • Is this a one-time event or an ongoing need for security?
  • Are you temporarily carrying or housing something of high value? 
  • Will the guard keep you, your family, employees, or event participants safer and make you feel more secure?

The peace of mind a security guard provides can be invaluable for you and your family. If you do hire one for your store, event, or personal security, make sure they’ve got the security guard equipment they need to best serve you and to protect themselves.

important security guard equipment

Professional Officers with the Best Security Guard Equipment  and Technology

If you’re in the market for personal security, look no further than SMART Security Pros. Our professionals are highly trained, experienced, and equipped with the latest duty gear and technology to provide world-class security for a variety of needs in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Southern Pennsylvania. Contact SMART Security Pros today to discuss your personal security needs, or to speak with an expert about any other security questions you might have.

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