Find Out What Typical Security Awareness Training Consists Of

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Are you at risk for cybercrime? As a business? You are if you use computers in any part of your daily work.

The risk increases with each employee you hire, no matter how smart they are.

The only way to prevent major damage is to learn about your risk and teach your employees what to look out for. That’s where security awareness training comes in.

Learn a little more about it below.

Why Do You Need Security Awareness Training?

Before we go into what a normal security awareness training session looks like, let’s talk about why it’s significant in the first place. Did you know that it costs a company an average of $150 per record lost to cyber criminals?

One hundred and fifty dollars per record. When was the last time you heard of a hacker being happy with just one?

That’s a lot of money to lose because one well-meaning employee downloaded a virus.

The ROI of security training is around half a million dollars. That’s the cost of losing three thousand files.

Does preventative action seem worth it now? We assure you it is.

What Do Trainings Cover?

There is no one typical cyber-security training. Each one changes slightly with the niche or requirements of the business getting trained.

The depth they go into each of the below topics varies, but here’s an idea of what your training will cover.

Phishing Scams

Your employees will learn what type of information phishing scams ask for and how to detect one. They’ll learn what type of emails to avoid and how to take action if they accidentally engage.

Social Engineering

Not many people recognize social engineering as a term, let alone a type of scam. It’s when someone pretends to be a trusted colleague to gain access to computer systems.

They gain employee trust then send clickable links that open into viruses, etc.


Malware is the umbrella group for a large community of computer scams. You’ll learn the types included and how to recognize a hole in your current security system.


How to create strong passwords, how to store them, and how often they need changing.

Data Destruction

If you handle sensitive data, it doesn’t disappear once you recycle your trash bin. Learn how to get rid of information for good with proper data destruction.


Encryption is the process of coding sensitive data into code (literally) to prevent unauthorized parties from seeing it.

Data Breaches

What would your employees do if they find or suspect a data breach? This aspect of the training teaches risk detection and damage control in the face of a data breach.

Mobile Device Security

Most employees check their work email outside of work, maybe even on unsecured servers. This teaches them how to keep business information safe even when they’re off the clock.

Getting Employees to Participate

You know you need security awareness training, but are you employees excited to learn? You can encourage them with promotions and participation bonuses.

What you’d spend recovering from a data breach is far more than incentives and the cost of training. Computer security is only one branch of the tree. We offer on-site options to keep you and your equipment safe.

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