Why Private Security Guards are the Number 1 Necessity for Banks

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One of the most essential industries in society, banks are critical to our economy and everyday lives. From private citizens to small businesses, banks are responsible for the security of funds and accounts for their customers. Part of this security initiative requires private security guards as necessities. In order to combat criminal activity and offer the best service for customers, utilizing private security for your employee protection and customer protection is essential. There are several reasons why private security guards are a necessity for banks and why the time is now to make that move. 

Maintaining Order in the Bank

Having a private security guard presence will maintain order in the bank. Having that authority presence will keep customers alert when they enter and stay uniform while waiting for their transaction. Because of the nature of the bank, customers can sometimes enter the bank in a hostile manner. They may feel wronged or like to cause a scene with bank staff in front of other customers to deter the bank’s reputation. This can upset the atmosphere and cause chaos without an authority figure present. With private security guards present in the area, this type of behavior is discouraged and minimized. 

Not only are hostile customers deterred, but so are potential robberies and thefts that are common in banks. Despite the way they are perceived on television and the silver screen, many bank robberies are directed at banks that do not have private security guards present. The goal for robberies is to get in and out as quickly as possible, and that process is slowed by the presence of a private security guard. 

Customers Appreciate Security

Maintaining a customer’s appreciation for security and peace of mind is important to banks who want to maintain their service. If a customer does not feel protected or feels as though their money is not protected in your facility, they may seek out services from another bank. With the presence of private security guards, there is a level of peace that customers appreciate. Knowing that they can safely and securely enter the bank and conduct their transactions without worry is one of the reasons they will stay with your bank for years to come. 

Many bank customers come onto the premises with large deposits from their business or need to leave with a large cash withdrawal for change. Knowing that a security guard is present and watching them as they come in and leave allows them to do their jobs successfully. In fact, guards are able to assist these customers to and from their cars to ensure their safety. 

Large Delivery Protection

Banks have to order cash and coin for change weekly. When this delivery is made and your tellers are transporting this money to and from the vault, a layer of security is needed. Because most vaults are in direct display of the lobby, others can see into the vault and are less determined to attempt something criminal with security present. 

Also, having your private security oversee the transit company delivery is another level of protection to guarantee no outside interference and that all of the money is delivered as it should be. 

ATM Protection


Sometimes, the damage and theft do not happen inside the bank. The ATM on location can sometimes take the brunt of the criminal activity because it is available outside to customers after hours. These ATMs hold thousands of dollars of cash at any point and can be a significant loss if robbed or stolen. In fact, they can cost the bank thousands in vandalism damage beyond the money that is stolen. 

With a private security guard, they are able to monitor the ATM during the open hours of the bank, and after hours if you choose. With private security onsite, your bank ATM will be less likely to be targeted by thieves looking to grab some quick cash. At many banks, unsuspecting customers attempting to use the ATM after hours are approached by thieves and forced to withdraw as much cash as possible. With private security guards onsite, customers can use ATMs safely knowing that they are protected. This encourages customers to take advantage of bank services around the clock. 

They Greet and Host Your Customers

Ultimately, private security guards are more than just a uniform in the corner of the lobby. These guards are often the first face that your customers see when they enter the bank. Take advantage of this opportunity and utilize your private security guards in another way. They can be used as your lobby host, guiding customers to the appropriate counters and lines depending on the service that they need. This allows your customers to be comfortable with their presence.

In the past, private security guards have been more hands-off with bank customers, which was a little impersonal and sometimes a little uncomfortable for customers. In order to provide the best customer service, take advantage of your private security guards. Over time and with repeat interactions, your customers will begin to recognize these private security guards as a representation of your bank and hold you to a higher standard than your competitors. 

Maintaining Employee Retention

Your employees are important assets to your bank. Keeping your employees at your bank starts by offering them a secure environment to work in the banking industry. Offering a secure environment where they have support against irate customers and robberies allows you to keep your best employees and provide the best service for your customers. 

Make The Change To Private Security Guards

If you do not currently have private security guards at your bank location(s), the time is now to add them. Not only do they provide the ultimate security protection, but they give your customers a solid peace of mind. They can protect the bank property, inside and out, around the clock if you would like. This allows your customers to utilize all bank functions safely and anytime at their convenience. 

For any questions you may have, contact an Armed Professional today. We are happy to provide you with further information and look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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