How to Improve Your Parking Lot Security

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Parking lots are known to be notorious hangouts of thieves, which prompts a lot of companies, construction sites, and event organizers to add on extra security. Parking lot security is crucial to keep clients safe, and their cars from being vandalized. To bolster the security in your parking lot, use the following tips and tricks.

1. Use Professional Security

It does not matter if you are hosting an event or constructing a building which will take some time to complete. Using professional guards ensures that you have someone looking out for you. Guards are known to patrol the area from time to time just to make sure that everything is going on smoothly. Also, you may hire an armed security guard, who is trained in firearm use, investigate and sniff out criminals who may be attempting to rob your event or premises.

2. Increase Signage

This method is most appropriate if you will need to maintain the parking lot for a while. In cases of universities, high school lots and so on, this is one of the most effective methods to use. Have a sign in a ‘dangerous’ corner detailing a step by step guide, (preferably in images) of how someone should deal with a security breach. People will take notice of it, and more they see it the more it is engraved in their brains what they need to do.

Also, signage is a clear sign for the robber that you have educated people who use your lot on the steps they need to take. This alone may scare them off. This method can be used in combination with other security measures such as a parking lot security officer.

3. Install security phones every few meters

Security phones that ring directly to the construction site security office is a great way to keep off burglars. First, seeing the phones is a sign that someone is likely to report the incident even before they make their way out of the premises.

Secondly, it shows your clients that you have taken enough measures to make communication easy in case of an emergency. Make sure that your guard is on call and near the answering phone at all times. This gives personnel and clients peace of mind knowing that there is someone ready to answer their distress call at all times. A distress call means a lot, especially when answered on the first two rings.

4. Have Your Staff Members Trained

This is definitely something you should put into consideration, especially if you are operating in a high-risk area. According to statistics, the United States reported over 1.2 million violent crimes and 7.7 million property crimes in 2017. This is as published by the UCR. If you feel that your construction site is located at a place whose security you are not confident about, have your staff members trained.

Training will prepare them to deal with anything and anyone who may confront them. Also, it will give them the confidence to work without fear of what could happen if someone attempted to rob them. Being prepared is crucial, and trained staff will offer you the extra security you need at your site. Besides the armed security guards at the site, you have a dozen set of eyes watching your premises and working with the guard to keep things safe.

5. Invest in Landscaping

A thick bush around your site is likely to encourage thieves to steal from you. They will have somewhere to hide the tools and come back for them later, or a place to sit and watch for an opportunity to escape. Investing in landscaping and ensuring there are no thick bushes or likely hiding places around your premises is a step towards keeping you safe. It is best to keep the landscaping around your parking lot minimal to reduce the bushes and shadows they create, which are convenient for hiding.

Parking lot security is vital for business. It may be the difference between high staff turnover and retaining valuable personnel in your company. As a business owner, you must take the necessary measure to keep parking lot security at a maximum.

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