7 Methods to Protecting Your Business Property Against Potential Theft

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It’s almost a fact of life that bad guys are everywhere. Sometimes, life is hard, and people will try anything to make a quick buck. If you’re not vigilant, this may lead to losing your possessions to property theft.

In fact, property theft victimizes 3.1 million people every year. This number is going up as the years go by. You don’t want to be another figure in that statistic.

When it comes to your business property, how do you protect your business from theft? Protection of business property needs to be your top priority.

Today, we’ll give you 7 ways on how you can start protecting business property. These will help you not lose anything to thieves and keep your business humming.

Ready to start protecting equipment from theft? Let’s find out.

1. Improve Your Entry Protection

Start protecting business property by improving ways to prevent unauthorized people from coming in. Start with the locks and alarms in your doors.

Add loud alarms that are audible from outside. Not only will this distract the burglar but will notify anyone outside as well. Use the same if you have windows that outsiders can access.

Employ motion sensors on different places of entry once you close. Check with your local laws and regulations on what type of alarm systems the police allow. Look for ways that you can tie it to your monitoring systems as well.

Use redundant locks and bolts that will prevent thieves from lockpicking your doors. External and security doors need to have deadbolts to prevent forced entry. If you can, use steel frames to reduce the chances of damage.

Protection of business property doesn’t only come from preventing entry. Adding bright lights can help stop burglars from targeting your business. Most thieves are cowards and would not risk going to a well-lit establishment.

You can also start employing silent panic buttons to help notify law enforcement. Many banks, stores, and establishments use silent alarms to help law enforcement. This can help de-escalate a situation in case you’re protecting equipment from theft.

2. Pick the Right Location

Are you relocating your business? If you are, start protecting business property. Do careful consideration of your new location.

You want to check around the new area. Look for any frequent instances of theft through local law enforcement.

If you have no control of your location, see if your new property has anti-theft measures set in place. These will be crucial to protect it from intruders. If not, consider adding a few security measures, including:

  • Barred windows with cold-rolled steel
  • Theft-resistant glass
  • Security cameras
  • Private security and protection
  • Steel roll-up doors
  • Chain-link Fencing for outdoors
  • Barbed wire

Depending on your establishment, you would need a good combination. These may add into your overhead, but it will be worth it.

For construction sites and open areas, keep tabs on the materials that you have. You can use strict remote monitoring services to keep multi-million dollar equipment secure. Make strategic use of fencing and lighting to deter people wanting to intrude.

For businesses with big spaces, you would want expert services to provide the strategic placement of sensors and monitoring equipment.

3. Add Security Cameras and Remote Monitoring

Security cameras add a new perspective with protecting equipment from theft. Where you can, install as many of the monitoring devices as you can. Angle them correct and find the best devices that can show who goes in and out of your property.

When it comes to placement, monitoring devices should be in 4 crucial places. The first one should be at your front door. Position the camera straight where everyone who goes in and out is visible.

Position another security camera on other entrances, including back doors and emergency exits. Watch over areas where people can escape, like low windows and side areas of the vicinity.

Add the same monitoring devices to your off-street windows and sidewalks. Cover both left and right sides of your entrances. Put them in areas where thieves may possibility runoff.

At last, use security cameras to protect high-value locations with your business. Data centers, finance offices, and vaults should have their own cameras.

If you’re unsure on how to do it yourself, here’s how you do it. Hire remote monitoring and surveillance security that will handle everything 24/7. These services can ensure that the protection of business property is a top priority.

If possible, get the extra options for your security cameras. Crucial ones include night vision, HD camera, and motion sensors. These can be better than human security.

4. Be Wary of Insider Theft

In today’s age, not all types of theft happen from the outside. Insider crimes are another way that property theft happens. Employee dishonesty and theft account for 20% of all business failures.

Where you can, use strict accounting control techniques. Ensure employees know you’re watching.

Do frequent audits and inventory control as well. Establish policies of enabling your employees to report any thievery in full anonymity.

Underscore to your employees that you value honesty and loyalty. Use performance standards to help improve their morale. Reward good service and hard work.

Where you can, include monitoring in crucial areas and workplace arteries. Secure parts of your business where financial exchanges happen. Protecting business property includes preventing access from secure company files and protocols.

5. Be Vigilant with Your Neighbors

Being a good neighbor to your fellow businesses is a good way to remain vigilant.

If there is a small watch group in your area of business, join up. Do volunteer work and anti-theft education.

Educate you and your neighbors. Learn standard protocol when they notice something is awry.

While it seems ambitious, businesses should look out for each other. Many small businesses tend to band together.

Know the locals, so you know if someone new sticks out. If you see any suspicious activity, notify your neighbors as soon as possible.

Keep up to date if there are any crimes in the neighborhood. Protection of business property starts by knowing local events. Read the newspaper or exchange information where possible. Look for the common risks that happen within your area.

Do your best to talk to law enforcement as well. This gives them the right update and tips on anything happening in the area. Ask for information when you can, but do not use emergency lines unless it’s an emergency.

6. Find the Right Theft Insurance

There are times where theft happens regardless. This even happens when you’re protecting business property.

Before anything happens, find yourself a competent theft insurance policy. You would want some type of coverage when the worst case scenario happens.

Crime insurance can cover two types of property events, on top of standard insurance. These are finances and securities protection and destruction/theft.

Find specialized insurance policies that cover:

  • Employee theft
  • Fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Forgeries and counterfeits
  • Safe burglaries
  • Wire transfer frauds

Not all insurance policies will have this under their list of coverages. You would want to find the right people who provide such services at lower prices.

If you have private security patrols or monitoring, leverage them. These can also lower your premiums.

7. Plan Your Delivery Flow

Job sites like construction and infrastructure sites are easy targets for job site theft. This happens more if there are chaos and disorganization. Plan your deliveries going in and out of business to prevent any theft of materials and equipment on the way.

By creating a well-monitored flow of deliveries and supplies, you can see what you have and what you might be missing. Protecting equipment from theft works if you put a system in place to take care of everything.

It will take much skill to manage a full construction site. With all the hustle and bustle, you need to have people you can trust to help you watch the area. You need extra eyes to provide you an objective view of your workspace.

Where you can, find a good construction software that can help materials management. These can help with both positioning and consumption of inventory. You also get to watch what goes in and out by the numbers.

At the end of the day, a combination of good security equipment and loyal employees help. This can prevent most of the problems that come when protecting business property.

Guard Your Business Property with More Eyes

Your business is your investment. Protection of business property from people who want to steal from you is crucial in keeping your business safe. When it comes to business property, you need to do everything necessary to keep the bad guys out.

Looking for security monitoring but don’t want to spend all your time managing it? Need eyes that can be independent and objective? What you need is a Mobile Video Guard.

We are a team of professionals who can provide video surveillance security. With expertise in all types of businesses, including big locations and construction sites, you can be sure you’re under protection 24/7.

Keep your peace of mind. Talk to SMART Security Pros today and experience tight security and vigilant protection. Your business is our business, here at SMART Security Pros.

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