Why Your Job Site Requires Security Surveillance

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Job site security is a growing concern for companies in the construction industry. These companies often fall victim to theft and vandalism, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss each year.

Although fences might deter some trespassers, they can easily be cut or climbed. Fences also do not provide the proof needed to locate and prosecute criminals.

Surveillance Cameras Provide an Effective Deterrent for Thieves

Security cameras provide an effective solution to construction site theft. Job sites with cameras are far less likely to be targeted than those without. This is because criminals know that cameras provide the evidence needed to prove individuals were involved in crime.

Job site security needs change as construction projects progress. This is why SMART Security Pros moves surveillance cameras as needed to provide accurate coverage exactly where and when you need it. We use advanced technology to locate issues and alert management in real-time of potential problems. This enables quick response time, reducing the extent of damage criminals are able to inflict.

Security cameras provide record of breaches and the evidence needed to locate and prosecute criminals. The information collected by cameras helps construction companies figure out which areas of the job site require more protection. This information can be used to prevent theft or vandalism of future projects.

Insurance companies often offer discounts for construction companies with adequate monitoring systems. This is because job site security cameras reduce the likelihood of theft, reducing the liability of the insurer.

Security Cameras Monitor Safety

Security cameras can be used to monitor the safety of construction sites. These cameras provide valuable information that can be used to determine whether safety issues exist. Cameras can help management determine whether construction sites have proper lighting, and whether safety equipment is being used. This information can be used to further decrease insurance premiums and help construction companies locate areas that could benefit from improvement.

Construction Site Security

SMART Security Pros offers security solutions for businesses today. For construction sites we offer surveillance cameras, live security guards, and our Remote Security Guard system. This system provides the greatest level of protection against trespassers and thieves. Please contact us for more information about our services.

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