Installing A Video Surveillance System; What Every Business Needs to Know

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installing a video surveillance systemInstalling a video surveillance system makes good business sense. That’s because video cameras can deter crime, boost productivity, help you meet state laws and even help you solve a crime once it’s been committed. However, just as with any of your favorite electronic gadgets, video surveillance systems come in many shapes and sizes; you have to choose the system that fits your particular business’s needs.

Before installing any video surveillance system, it’s crucial to understand what kinds of additional functionality you might need. For example, ADT business solutions include email notifications, motion detection and cloud storage solutions.  while another company, Dropcam, a cloud-based monitoring service, allows users to turn their cameras on and off at specific times of the day or week via a scheduling option. Once you’ve determined the functionality you need and have purchased the equipment, it’s time to install your video surveillance system. Regardless of the video surveillance system you choose, there are a few commonalities all systems share. The following is what every business needs to know about installing a video surveillance system.

  1. Get the right tools and equipment you’ll need for installation.

Before doing anything, you’ll want to make sure you have all the equipment necessary to properly install your surveillance system. According to, you will need:

  • Surveillance camera kit
  • Drill with bits
  • Fish tape coil for mounting wires (unless you’ve chosen a wireless system)
  • Video monitor for viewing

While every video surveillance system will come with its own user manual, having the above-noted materials on hand will help you install your system with no roadblocks.

  1. Map out your area.

Before you drill any holes, it’s wise to survey the area(s) where you’ll be placing your cameras. Depending on how many cameras you purchased for your system, you may have to prioritize certain areas of your business over others. Understanding typical crime in your area, as well as how employees use your exits, entrances and parking lots, can help you decide on where your new cameras should be placed.

  1. Mark the spot—and drill.

If you know where you’d like to place your cameras, connect a camera to a power source and your video monitor. Then hold the camera where you think you’d like to mount it. Then check that the camera placement gives you the range that you want.  Next make a mark on the wall where you’ll be drilling to secure the camera mount.

Note: It might be worth checking with an electrician to ensure you aren’t drilling in or around any electrical wires. Once you’ve confirmed it’s a safe zone to drill, drill pilot holes (holes smaller than screws).  Do this before placing the mount and screwing it onto the wall with real screws. This way, you can be sure the first time you screw the mount onto the wall, the mount is in it’s right place and won’t need to be moved again.

  1. System Optimization

Once you’ve mounted your cameras, you’ll want to pull out the control box, the virtual home base for your cameras. Connect the cable that comes with the camera to both the camera and the control box. If you’re keeping the control box in a back room or out-of-sight, this may require another hole in your wall.  Once the camera is connected to the control box, you can test the video recording and monitoring.  As well as any other features you’ll be utilizing in your video surveillance system.

Installing a video surveillance system may seem intimidating, but it’s easily doable if you come prepared with the proper materials, knowledge of your new system and understanding of how you’ll be using it to protect your business. Having an installation plan will make installing your video surveillance system easy as pie.

You may choose to find a local service that will take care of this installation and set up for you.  If you really want to heighten the level of security at your business you will also want to consider outside video surveillance services.  With this type of service in place you are paying a small fee to have remote agents watch your camera feeds between 8 and 24 hours per day.  This can be much more cost effective than assigning one of your own employees to do this.

Thinking about installing a video camera system? Click here to see how we can help.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”” shape=”square”]SMART Security Pros is a provider of armed security services utilizing only active/retired/prior law enforcement officers as well as Remote Guard Video Surveillance services.  Shawn Scarlata is the Founder/CEO and the author of this post.

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