5 Reasons to Beef up Your Scrap Yard Security Monitoring

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Running a junk yard is a risky business, with over 40,000 insurance claims related to scrap yards. These range from people being injured at junkyards to people selling stolen contraband. With all of the possible liabilities of a scrap yard, it’s important to beef up your security monitoring solutions.

For years, junkyards have served a key purpose in the construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Not only can scrap yards figure out how to repurpose old materials, but they can also help promote the cycle of reduced production that fuels recycling. With more people reaching out to scrap yards and junkyards to make money and save money, a junkyard dog just won’t do.security monitoring

If you’re running a scrap yard or a junkyard and are looking for a better security solution, you’re on the right track. Here are 5 reasons you need to consider a high-quality security monitoring solution.

  1. Keep Your Employees Safe

If you’re running a junkyard, you’re tasked with the safety of everyone who works for you and anyone who visits your yard. If your employees are making risky decisions in the yard or could be heading for a precarious situation, you can see it on your monitors.

The task of accountability and safety will be effortless with a better security monitoring solution. Your site could be as dangerous as a construction site.

  1. Keep Your Yard Free of Intruders

Theft and vandalism are rampant at junkyards during after hours. Instead of letting some thieves steal a bunch of scrap copper to sell to another yard, stop them in their tracks. Human detection technology can keep track of who is moving and who is about to step onto your lot.

A great security system won’t send you an alert for a stray cat or a vulture, but you will be notified if a human is seen.

  1. Stop Internal Theft

One of the worst forms of theft is the kind that happens right under your nose. You trust your employees but if they’re violating your trust, you need evidence before you can fire someone.

Put an end to theft before it starts with a high-quality security monitoring system.

  1. Watch For Fires

Fires from left over yard waste could easily get out of control and spread across your yard. Use your monitoring system to stay alert and to stop fires before they happen.

  1. A Dispatch Center

A security system will ensure you’ve got your own private dispatch center. You can address all of your employees directly or at once using your surveillance system.

security monitoringA Security Monitoring System Saves Money

Whether it’s through insurance claims, theft, or intruders, the price you could pay to deal with these issues could exceed hundreds of dollars per month. Instead of opening your wallet whenever there’s an issue, why not try out a new security system? You might be surprised at the benefits it can bring.

At SMART Security Pros, we understand how important it is for junkyards to have security systems in place. If you’re ready to set up a new security system for your junkyard, contact us today.

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