5 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire Armed Guards With Active or Prior Police Experience

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off duty and prior police security

If you’re in need of a more serious level of security, you may ask yourself, “When should I hire active & prior police security?”. The truth is, many of the best armed security guards have active or prior police experience.

This article highlights some of the many reasons why you may want to consider hiring an off-duty / prior / retired police officer.  Because active and prior officers are well trained in law enforcement techniques and are constantly honing their skills in their day jobs, they offer a higher level of security than traditional security guards. If you are facing a volatile, high-pressure situation, then an off-duty or prior police officer is your best choice.

The following are five situations in which hiring off-duty or prior police officer is the wise choice.

workplace violence and active or prior police experience

1. Employee Terminations

Employee terminations can be particularly volatile times in the workplace. There’s the chance that the employee may react poorly to the termination, even causing harm to themselves or others.

During such a scenario, someone with active or prior police experience can provide critical support. An officer can offer a calming yet authoritative presence, decreasing the likelihood of the employee lashing out. In the worst-case scenario, when the employee reacts violently, the officer is equipped with the skills and experience necessary to respond swiftly.

2. Protecting Important Executives and Dignitaries

Depending on your type of business, you may interact with high-ranking officials who require security. These important figures include anyone with power and/or money that make them likely targets.

If you are expecting a high profile visitor, you may want to hire an off-duty police officer. Active or prior police officers have experience investigating suspicious individuals and scenarios, and know how to protect those that are threatened.

3. Workplace Threats

In addition to employee terminations, there are other threats that arise in the workplace. Other workplace threats include the fiery appearance of a disgruntled customer or a known thief lurking in your aisles.

These situations may resemble a typical call a police officer receives on duty, so it makes sense that they’d be a good fit to handle these threats to your business. Active or prior police officers are trained to react and respond quickly, making them particularly helpful personnel during high-stress situations in your place of work.

4. Domestic Standby Situations

While domestic disputes begin at home, they are capable of entering a significant other’s workplace. From 1997-2009, spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends and ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends were responsible for the on-the-job deaths of 321 women and 38 men (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics).

In these situations, an off-duty police officer can use the law to neutralize the threat, which will have repercussions beyond the immediate incident in your workplace. Depending on the severity of the situation, off-duty police can be hired to be wearing their firearm visible or concealed.

5. Escorting critical people and products

Even in the modern world of e-commerce, email and Skype, there are still certain high-stake, non-digital scenarios that call for extra security. In these situations, an off-duty police officer can ensure that nothing goes wrong in the transport of critical items and people. Protecting a moving target is all in a day’s work as a police officer, and those instincts persist into their off-duty hours.  Active or prior police officers are an important component of any security plan for when a higher, more experienced level of service is needed.  Whether it’s handling a workplace threat, protecting a high-ranking executive or neutralizing domestic violence in your office.

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SMART Security Pros is a provider of armed security services utilizing only active/retired/prior law enforcement officers as well as Remote Guard Video Surveillance services.  Shawn Scarlata is the Founder/CEO and the author of this post.

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