3 Realistic Executive Protection Industry Predictions for 2020

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2020 executive protection predictions

As the times change, so should your business model. Entering a new decade of security trends and challenges means taking a good look at the ways executive protection might be changing. 

Here are our top three predictions for the executive protection industry in 2020:

  • Executive Protection Training Programs Will Expand
  • Quality Metrics Will Become Even More Important
  • New Roles Will Emerge

You’ll notice our predictions are based on overall trends we’re seeing reflected in the EP market, namely:

  • Increased competition in the market
  • Adoption of more complex technologies

Read on to see how we expect these two main focuses to impact the executive protection industry and security industry into the coming decade.

executive protection

Executive Protection and Security Guard Trends We’re Predicting for 2020.

1. Executive Protection Training Options Will Increase

The need for executive protection keeps rising into 2020. As demand grows and more security guards enter this specialized field, the more training and continuing education options we’ll see. 

The market has long been dominated by physical training classes and in-person courses. But as companies grow in sophistication along with modern technology, we predict 2020 will see a boom in online basic and supplementary training. We also predict there will be more options than ever in the physical training space. 

More Online Executive Protection Training

There are so many more options for training than before. With the ease and accessibility of the internet, we’re predicting online training courses will become more widely available. These will be a popular choice, especially for those just getting into the industry. Online courses and webinars can be a great, low-cost way to start out or brush up on the basics.

Continued Growth in In-Person Training Courses

Of course, in-person training courses will continue to deliver the most value for both newer and more experienced executive protection professionals. The Executive Protection Institute, for example, is offering several location-specific courses on specialized protection areas throughout the year. ESI Bodyguard School’s schedule for the year dedicates the majority of its courses to various aspects of executive protection training.

Continued Education Trend

Additionally, we think training will increase in general as the industry grows and companies fight to stay competitive. Minimum requirements will cease to be enough, and agents will need to complete more continued education to stay competitively employed.

2. Quality Measurements Will Be More Important 

Christian West and Brian Jantzen have expressed that, while the quality discussion has always been on the table, there’s a distinction you can expect in 2020. That is, that people want metrics. Reliable quality metrics help build and grow trust with clients, plus prove to them they’ll get a good ROI.

Staying Competitive in a Crowding Market

As service options increase, clients must become more discerning about their partners. For executive protection companies to maintain competitive client retention rates, we think there will be a big push for quality metrics.

Set A Standard with Transparency

Quality has always been important, but delivering benchmarked metrics will be more necessary than ever. These can include things like standardized training certifications and quarterly reviews with program-specific touchpoints. 

While not as measurable, transparency in employee turnover and client ratings are often good tools as well.

3. New Roles in Technology-Specific Executive Protection Will Emerge.

We agree with  Tim Lozier that as digital security challenges rise, so will the number of jobs combining physical security with cyber-security. We think you’ll also see more companies with executive protection models and protection teams that closely address these issues.

Growth in Tech-Based Security Services

Physical security has adopted massive changes in technology, and fast, in the last few years. And while security companies are using technology to keep up with threats, the irony is that increased technology can also cause more threats.

Connectivity = Digital Vulnerability

As people adopt more tech on a daily basis, they become ever more connected to the internet. The convenience is great, but complexity and risk come with that connection. Everyone from CEOs and governmental officials down to the local middle-schoolers is carrying powerful technology around in their pockets. With that comes unprecedented cybersecurity risks on a personal level. The scope of an executive protection agent’s responsibilities will expand to address this.

New Jobs in Executive Cyber-Protection

China is one of the world’s leading hubs in business. But China is also leading in vastly accurate and personal digital tracking strategies. It’s no wonder some executives are concerned. CEOs and executives traveling the world need to trust that their personal information and private devices are safe at home and as they travel. 

We see this as a big opportunity for the industry to grow in the protective intelligence and data security direction. 

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