Why Corporate Event Security Matters

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corporate event security

Safety might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a corporate event.   However, safety may be the most important element to it’s success. Even though you probably have many ideas about how to create the perfect event, it’s important to focus your attention on a few different areas. Understanding all of the details associated with your event  including the needs of your high profile guests, and proper training for your event staff, are all important aspects. Let’s take a look at the top three areas to consider when planning your event security.

  1. Get all the details

When planning an event, you may be faced with some big decisions. You’ll likely ask yourself the following questioins: Where is the best location to hold the event? What menu options will cater to everyone’s needs? Does the hotel offer the extras you anticipate you’ll need? While these are all important questions, there’s one point that makes the biggest impact on your plan: Who can be at every location on your schedule to support your plans and manage the security risk of your event?

The menu and the location are often the biggest risks you take when planning corporate events.  It’s crucial to have a live security guard present during meals and activities. In order to fully vet what you’re getting into and the risk you are about to take, you will need to research any hotels, resorts and event venues that are being considered for your event. Getting the details on these points will help you manage any risk associated with your event.  Communicating these details to your security guards helps ensure a safe and secure event.

  1. Protect your special guests

Depending on what company you work for and the event you are planning, you may have to plan for high profile guests. These special guests might be investors, silent partners or high-profile users of your product. Having these types of folks at events can inspire and motivate your workforce.  While managing your guest list can take a huge chunk of your time as an event planner, the safety of your guests can be secured when hired security guards attend your event.

Are you managing your guest list alone, without expert input or help from a security guard? One result of that scenario is a fire code violation and the immediate shut down of the event.  This can damage any host’s reputation.

“It is a Fire Marshall’s job to ensure the safety of citizens,” says Pinkerton’s Eric Rose. “They may give a warning first but it is well within their authority to shut down an event if attendance exceeds a building/room’s legal capacity.” Figuring out how to protect your special guests while keeping up with the law is a critical part of any corporate event security plan.

  1. Provide proper training

Planning an event requires a lot of thought and time. Deciding on event security from the outset can help you, as well as the rest of your staff, feel confident about your event from the start. Training your staff on the security available as well as the timeline, can help you carry out emergency or back-up security plans as needed. That’s why training is such an important part of corporate events today.

The bottom line is, event security plans developed in isolation or added as an afterthought will lack cohesiveness, and would likely inhibit rather than enhance the success of the event. Providing the proper training about your event and obtaining the hired help you need can make your schedule of events go as smoothly as you’ve anticipated and planned.

Figuring out the right security training materials for your staff, providing extra care for your special guests and managing all of the details associated with your event can be a big task. Keep in mind that a corporate event is not complete without event security. Whether you need trained, armed security guards or another type of security for your event, having people you can rely on can help take your event from a success to the best event of the year.

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