7 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Security System for Your Business

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commercial security in a warehouse

Across the country, theft is costing companies more than $60 billion every year in lost profits and inventory costs. When employee theft is the issue, you have to factor in the cost of retraining and losing employees. With commercial security in place, many of these losses will melt away and you might even be able to save on insurance and training costs.

Here are seven reasons why you should install a commercial security system.

commercial security

1. Evidence of Theft

A commercial security system has one fairly obvious benefit. Installing a state of the art security system will allow you to secure the perimeter of your worksite or office. No matter how big or small your worksite is, it’s essential for you to keep track of the comings and goings for your products or equipment.

With a security system, you’re able to provide evidence of theft. You can provide the time and place where your security was breached. Your security system will collect evidence as someone enters your site illegally.

Having a high-end video surveillance system to gather evidence keeps your site secure. No one will be entering or leaving your site without proper authorization. If they do, there is evidence to show when they entered, when they left, their vehicle, and what equipment they have on them.

Evidence is your most powerful tool when you’re tracking down illegal activity. Without strong evidence, you won’t be able to catch bad actors and get what you deserve in repayment.

2. Track Employee Access

Not every employee on your staff should have the same amount of access to everything. There should be grades of access that determine who gets to go into which areas. With a commercial security system, you can track who gets access to your most privileged areas.

In addition to tracking who gets access, you need to be able to manage permissions. With the latest technology in security, you can change security permissions with the push of a button. By managing security changes, you can give someone access to a special area of your site for a single project and reset their access the next day.

With the best security systems, you’ll get a running log of access that can even be linked to your payroll accounts. You can see that your employees attended work each day and got in on time.

Security saves you from having to worry about employees accessing secure areas and manipulating data. At a large enough facility, temporary employees and contractors could pose a threat to your security. You won’t have any worries with a state of the art security system.

3. Prepare For Environmental Catastrophe

One of the most overlooked elements of a great security system is how it can help you as climate change expands. With unpredictable and powerful weather patterns reaching every part of the planet, you need to be able to monitor your site. 

A strong security system will allow you to see where you might be vulnerable and alert you on what to look out for. If you fear that raising water might be encroaching on your site, you’ll get a glimpse of your cameras.

If shifting or eroding landscapes are causing vulnerabilities in your fencing, you’ll know when you get a notification. Your security system will notify you of irregularities, breaches, or other problems in your perimeter. By keeping you alert of changes to your environment, you can make changes as needed.

You can install temperature monitors around your perimeter to let you know if there are any irregularities. There may be regions where you store inventory or where your staff work that needs to be at an ideal temperature. If there are any spikes, you can find out immediately.

4. Watch For Pests

If you’re noticing that your inventory is being damaged mysteriously, you need to get down to the cause of the problem. If you don’t have a good security system in place, you’re not going to figure it out for a while. You could suffer profit losses due to this mystery for weeks or months to come.

With a state of the art security system, you can see when pests have breached your perimeter. You’ll be able to see rodents or critters running around your facility, feasting on your inventory. You can monitor where they’re coming from so that you can fix the problem once and solve it absolutely.

Depending on where your facility is located, you could be dealing with larger wildlife. They can bring more severe problems depending on the type of facility you run.

If its a particularly cold winter and you run an agricultural facility, you might end up storing some feed on site. This could result in having deer or bears breaching your perimeter for food. If you’re not careful, those larger animals could end up hurting your staff on their search for food.

Keep everyone safe by keeping an eye on the facility.

5. Save On Insurance

Insurance costs are a massive burden for large industrial, agricultural, or manufacturing facilities. The bigger your facility is, the more it will cost you to insure. If you haven’t done the work to find the best insurance deal, you could be paying thousands every month.

This could be a serious drag on your profits, especially if you work with dangerous or hazardous materials.

If you have a security system with video recordings all around your facility, you can ensure that you lower insurance costs. You can record videos of accidents and incidents, meaning you’ll be able to back up all of your insurance claims. When there’s no room for fraud, insurance companies will appreciate your due diligence and reward you.

You can also save on insurance costs that cover equipment and inventory. Having your site secure means that no one will be able to get unauthorized access to your assets. This will please your insurance company because they won’t have to worry about having to cover your assets.

6. Assure Your Clients

In every industry, you’ll find clientele extremely interested in how secure the companies they work with are. Customers want to know that the things they invest in are made securely and won’t put them at risk.

If you’re in the data or tech sector, your customers will want to know that everything they get from you is secure. There have been stories of chips installed on devices that monitor their usage and sell that information to other companies. If nefarious actors are able to break into your site and switch out parts, they could get access to millions of devices.

Your clients need to know that everything they get from you is secure from being hacked or being compromised. No one wants to buy items that might have a mind of their own or be subject to being hacked.

If you work on infrastructure projects under government contracts, you’ll need to abide by strict standards. If you don’t take those standards seriously, you could lose your contract and never get one of these contracts ever again.

Take your security seriously and you’ll keep those hard-won clients that keep your business growing.

7. Keep An Eye On Things Remotely

State of the art security systems offers plenty of features that are completely new to the industry.

If you have a drone setup connected to your commercial security system, you’ll be able to access remote areas of your site. You can see what’s happening and prepare for any problems that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. If you have areas that are secure for safety reasons, you can use drones to monitor the perimeter in preparation for any potential problems.

You can even access your site remotely with the latest in video technology. Through a secure IP address, you can see your networked cameras via applications and web-based software. This way you can watch things unfold no matter where you are.

Homesick for the day? That’s no reason to miss out on how things are running at your facility. If you need to make sure that work is being done or that certain facilities are being monitored, you can see it live on video.

You can also get updates if there have been breaches or any major issues that you might not have anticipated. So long as a notification is built into your system, you’ll find out right away.

Commercial Security to the Rescue

When you’re setting up a security system, you need to go pro or stay home. If you don’t opt for a state of the art commercial security system, you’re basically throwing money down the drain. The latest technology can solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

If you don’t believe that video surveillance can really stop crime on your site, check out our latest guide for more info.

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