Car Dealership Nighttime Security

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Car dealers run a lot of risk. With so many brand new vehicles in one area, car dealerships are a prime location for thieves. Vehicle theft can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Many dealerships rely on security guards to monitor their lot. Unfortunately, live security guards are expensive and inefficient. Humans are only able to see a limited space at one time and they cannot provide the hard evidence necessary to locate and prosecute criminals.

Car dealerships require accurate, continuous monitoring. They need a security solution that is efficient and cost-effective. The system needs to be able to notify law enforcement the moment a problem is detected. This is crucial to the prevention of theft and vandalism. Fortunately, SMART Security Pros offers effective remote security options for car dealerships.

Mobile Video Surveillance System

SMART Security Pros is able to remotely monitor car dealerships through our unique Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) system. Our system is more effective and less expensive than hiring live security guards. The system provides accurate video monitoring of the entire dealership 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helps prevent theft and vandalism while increasing accountability.

Our smart system alerts police immediately when a problem is detected. The cameras provide clear evidence that can be used to identify and prosecute criminals. Remote video surveillance helps car dealerships reduce theft and insurance premiums.

Remote Video Guard

Our Remote Video Guard is easy to set up and provides a reliable and effective security solution for car dealerships. The compact system includes high-powered cameras mounted on 30-foot poles on a small trailer.

Mobile security guards provide an accurate birds eye, 360-degree view of the entire dealership. They provide real-time alerts of suspicious activity. Remote Video Guards can be rented daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the dealership’s needs.

The prevention of theft and vandalism is extremely important to the success of any business. Security should never be overlooked. SMART Security Pros provides complete security solutions for businesses in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and more. We work directly with our clients to develop a security solution for their needs.

Please contact us for more information about nighttime security for car dealerships.

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