Hiring Armed Security for a Holiday Event

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holiday event security

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as the song says, “All is calm, all is bright.” 

But if you’re running a holiday event, your response is probably, “not quite.” 

The Challenges of Holiday Event Planning and Security

Seasonal event planning troubles vary based on the type of event, obviously. Your woes could range from finding, reserving, and preparing the event space to marketing a sale to choosing, ordering, and arranging inventory, or decorations, or food – to name just a few.

But one thing every holiday event you plan will have in common is this: people. And probably a lot of them. And where there’s a crowd, there’s exponential potential for trouble. 

Keep Control of Your Holiday Event with Professional Security Services

You might not be able to control every component of your special event this holiday season, but you can make sure your event is safe and secure, no matter how the planning goes or who shows up.

Keep your holidays festive and safe with professional temporary security guards. Read on for what you need to know about hiring security guards for your holiday party or other seasonal events.

Reasons to Hire Temporary Guards for Your Holiday Event

Holiday events can be the highlight of the year, but they can also be a hassle. It seems every year, more event types are hosted, and even traditional events continue to grow and evolve, drawing larger numbers and greater risks. 

Every type of event has its own set of draws and dangers, but regardless of the type, armed and professional security officers hired on a temporary basis from a guard service can help you cut down the chaos this holiday season.

Armed and unarmed security guards are available to give you peace of mind for any event type, including the ones listed here and more:

  • Mall Santa Visits
  • Holiday Doorbusters
  • Holiday Parties on Company Property
  • Company Holiday Parties
  • Parades and Festivals
  • New Year’s Events
  • Church Events

Not sure if you need to hire security for your holiday event? Take a few moments to think about what your needs and risks may be. 

Crowd Control

Remember: More People, More Problems. 

It’s a given during the holidays: the crowds get worse as people come and go, and if you have something special planned, that number will grow even more.

Business owners and managers running a holiday retail promotion, such as a Black Friday sale, must be prepared to face the added risk that comes with such a keyed-up influx of shoppers.

Since 2006, there have been 11 Black Friday related deaths and 108 injuries. While the numbers are relatively small, it’s safe to say no one should be getting injured or killed over a sale.

When you’re preparing for other types of holiday events, from festivals to parties, you should have the advantage of knowing approximately how many people you expect to show up. Still, large numbers of people, especially without meticulous planning and organization, can easily create a chaotic, unpleasant, and even dangerous environment. 

Hiring security guards for your holiday events, no matter what type, will help keep your event less stressful and more secure. 

Event Security Creates Safety in a Crowd

Knowing the size of your space and the number of people anticipated to attend will help you determine how many guards you will need to adequately protect the area. 

When you have chosen a guard company and completed the hiring process, your professional temporary guards can manage the crowds at your event in a number of ways: 

  • Ensuring that foot traffic flows as it should 
  • Intervening to ensure interpersonal disputes are handled without violence
  • Protecting children and parents from becoming separated
  • Directing visitors to the appropriate area
  • Removing unruly persons from the property
  • Acting quickly in case of an emergency
  • Deterring untoward behavior with their presence

A well-controlled crowd is a critical component to a happy holiday event – make sure you’re prepared with proper event security!

Asset Protection

Did You Know: Theft is Up During the Holidays.

Whether you’re in retail or holding a community event, the influx of people during a holiday event can increase the likelihood of theft.

That data proves it: thieves are more opportunistic during the holidays. We’ve got four facts from a 2015 report to give you an idea of the state of crime during the holiday season:

  1. In the United States, larceny (attempted or actual theft without breaking in or threating victims) is the most-committed type of theft during the holiday season.
  2. Property crimes are at their lowest in winter, however:
  3. Personal larceny rates are 22% higher in December than in all other months combined.
  4. Washington State has the highest holiday theft rate, with auto theft, home break-ins, and robbery topping the ranks.

Seasonal larceny usually deals with purse-snatching, pickpocketing, and package-thieving. It also includes thieves rifling through the contents of unlocked vehicles. 

Security Guards Stop Thieves

Protect your patrons and profits with armed security or unarmed security guards. With guards patrolling your outdoor event, parking deck, shopping mall, or retail store you can reduce seasonal crimes.

Stay Safe and Secure Year-Round with SMART Security Pros

Whether or not you anticipate difficult crowds and theft, it’s always safer to have security in place. Make the holidays safer and happier by preventing violence and trespassing and protecting against suspicious behavior.

And, of course, these rules don’t just apply for traditional winter holidays; you may need to hire security guards for your large events all throughout the year. Professional security services make any event safer and more profitable – from St. Patrick’s Day to your Fall Festival.

If you’re sure you need security, but unsure how to proceed, SMART Security Pros will be happy to help you find the best fit for private security or a public event. Just call us at (301) 388-8487.

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