Protect Your Site: 5 Types of Security Guards Available

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The Five Types of Security Guards To Choose From

Security on your construction site is vital for your operation. If your construction site is located in a densely populated area, you must have a security guard on site.

It’s estimated that there are over 400,000 robberies each year, 90% happen in densely populated areas. 

Additionally, reports indicate that goods worth at least $1,167 were stolen. Security is, therefore, of great importance.

If you’re thinking of adding a security guard to your construction site’s security detail, these are the types of security professionals you should consider:

1. Commissioned Officers (Armed Security Guards)

These guards are usually highly trained before they are allowed to use firearms. An armed security guard will have passed training from a security school be awarded a certificate proving their abilities. 

The training program is usually around thirty hours of intense training. Make sure you get such guards from security services that use a rigorous interview process to check the competence of the guard and ascertain that the guard knows how to use the firearm. 

Plus, make sure each security professional is fully aware of carrying guidelines and weapon safety.

2. Non-Commissioned Officers (Unarmed Security Guards)

These guards must also go through some form of training, but it is not as rigorous as the armed guard training.

By fulfilling the Private Security Bureau’s level II training course, a security guard is ready to enter the job market and fulfill his duties as a construction site security officer or parking lot security officer. 

To get the best out of this guard, hire one from a professional security firm. This is because guards working with a legitimate security firm are much more experienced.

3. Off-Duty Police Officers

Some police officers carry commission-based jobs with some security firms to double up as security guards.

The officers meet the requirements stated by TCLEOSE and their respective agencies, which authorizes them to double up in security roles. 

These officers are obviously highly trained by the government, which makes them efficient at their work.

Since they are law enforcers by profession, they have the full power to make arrests, another advantage for you if your site is located in high traffic areas.

4. Personal Protection Officers

These officers are mostly not hired to secure construction sites and parking lots, but they are worth to mention.

They usually trained to protect people of high interest and are generally armed guards who are well trained in combat.

5. Remote CCTV Monitor Guards

The primary function of these guards is to monitor CCTV cameras on your premises and check out any suspicious activities.

They usually work together with the guard on the ground and are quick to alert the guard if something is amiss. 

This shortens the response time and can put the entire situation behind you in a timely and efficient manner.

Also, the collaboration by the two guards ensures that safety is kept up to par. If the culprit has a weapon, for instance, the monitoring guard will alert the security guard on the ground, so they can approach with caution.

While these are the main types of guards you will come across, you need to keep in mind that training and skills will be essential.

Always go with guards who are experienced. You should check their track record to determine if they have the skills to keep your property and everyone on the premises safe.

Using a security guard is a good idea, but you may want to incorporate other security measures such as CCTV cameras, fencing and locks, and signage. Signage, for instance, not only keeps your site better protected but also empowers the guard and people on the site with enough knowledge on that they should do if they came across a burglar.

Signage, for instance, not only keeps your site better protected but also empowers the guard and people on the site with enough knowledge on that they should do if they came across a burglar.

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