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SMART Security Pros delivers business owners, real estate developers, and property managers in the Chesapeake Bay area high-level security solutions to protect every property, facility, and function.

With decades of leadership experience behind our success, SMART Security Pros delivers any security solution for your property, development, or business. Commercial to residential, your business will be better off with the support of professional security.

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Apartment Building Physical Security Professionals

When you’ve invested in residential real estate, the next challenge is becoming and staying profitable. Include security as part of your plan for property improvement. 

After all, it’s not just walls and floors you’re looking out for. Property managers and residential developers and owners have a duty to provide basic safety for end-users.

Security For Apartments and Condos

The basic safety of apartments, condos and other rental property has a lot to do with their location. Multi-family residential developments face higher risk of theft, robbery, vandalism, and violence. Look to the developments and neighborhoods around your property to determine the level of security you should employ.

Physical Security Solutions for Mixed-Use Developments

Despite their complexity, mixed-use developments are getting more popular in the Chesapeake region for their convenience and closeness to commerce. Owners and developers know the unique security challenges of mixing personal and private space. Placing security officers at sensitive points of your development should be part of your total mixed-use development security strategy.

Commercial Security: Hospitality, Retail and Office

As a business or real estate developer or property management company, you need to have your best interests in mind. Professional security solutions will protect your property and your profits.

An unsecured commercial site can be a revenue drain, with problems including:

  • property loss
  • costly damages 
  • lawsuits from preventable workplace accidents or violence

Keep your business safe with solutions like corporate training, video surveillance and armed law enforcement trained guards. helps.

SMART Security Solutions serves every type of commercial venture needing security in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. 

We use the latest technology and the strictest standards for our security guards. When you choose SMART Security Pros, you can trust that you’re getting the best security possible for your property.

Hotels & Hospitality

Commercial businesses that provide lodgings are at special risk due to the high traffic of short-term lodgers. The amount of human traffic makes unsavory or illegal practices, theft, and violations of basic privacy easy.

Owners, managers and developers need multiple systems in place. These can range from security tech for data and personal privacy, to armed guards placed throughout your building or development.

Failure to properly secure your commercial property can result in severe financial loss for your business.

Offices & Other Commercial Spaces

Owners and developers responsible for commercial office space depend on security to keep business running on track. Your commercial development’s security should run so smoothly that no one has cause to focus on anything besides their work.

Workplace theft and violence put your profit, your people and even your property at risk. Roughly 2 million American workers, annually, are victims of workplace violence

Keep the worst from happening by getting the best security solutions in the area with SMART Security Pros.

Improve the safety of your commercial offices with corporate training so that employees are well versed in emergency response. Expert security professionals can equip your business in self-defense as well as general worksite safety practice.

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Why Choose SMART Security Pros?​

Vigilance is key for business security, but the vigilance needed to protect your assets is more than one person can reasonably take on.

Increase The Safety and Security of Your Development

Implementing professional security services from the start will make your property a safer place to work, play, live, or shop. 

With professional security in place, your business is free to run as it should. And you’re free to run your business with peace of mind.

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Protect the Value of Your Property

An unprotected property attracts criminal activity and is open to detrimental influence from surrounding properties, dragging down your property value.

Maintain your property’s value with professional security solutions from outdoor surveillance to armed security guards.

Improve Business Profits

Your development relies on good business to grow a profit, and good business relies on an inviting and secure development.

Tight security creates professional safety. When your business is safe, you benefit with higher profit potential for your development:

  • Put employees at ease, increasing productivity
  • Put guests and occupants at ease, increasing occupancy
  • Put shoppers and clients at ease, increasing time spent on-site

Well-guarded perimeters, lit parking lots, secure entry and exit points, and corporate training make your developments look and feel safe and secure.

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Get the Best for Your Business with SMART Security Pros

SMART Security Pros serves all of Washington D.C., Maryland, and  Virginia with innovative, high-touch security solutions, including:

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“Both the management team and the security agents were professional and well informed. Your level of knowledge of security and risk assessment was impressive.”


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