Private Armed Security Company in MD

Hiring private armed security is a surefire way to enhance safety during your Maryland event, business, construction site, or other high-profile situation.

If you search for a unique venue in the area, you’ll likely get lost in choices. The state has stunning attractions like sandy beaches, forested mountains, beautiful parks, waterfalls, wetlands, and scenic views.

Maryland’s quick access to the Atlantic Ocean means it is also popular with beach lovers and anyone looking for outdoor fun. Residents enjoy big-city excitement at Baltimore, Frederick, and Rockville, with tons of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and amusement parks — all of which make great locations for occasions of all types and guest lists.

Regardless of your event’s type or size in Maryland or Washington D.C., working with the armed security experts at SMART Security Pros can ensure your guests’ safety — and that your festivities go off without a hitch.

Get Protection and Peace of Mind

Armed Security Company in MD

SMART Security Pros is not your average private security company. A few important facts to keep in mind about our operations:

Today, SMART Security Pros has more than 375 security agents and always has a professional team on standby who can deploy to your site immediately on request.

Armed and Unarmed Security Agents

Our armed security professionals carry firearms while unarmed police security guards don’t. All of them have extensive training and experience needed to diffuse almost any physical conflict, however, so deciding which is right for your event is as simple as asking one question: Which would make you feel the most secure?.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a qualified and experienced armed security company protecting them and their assets. If you’re not sure which is right for your event or situation, we are happy to assess your event plan and guest list to recommend the type best suited to protect you.

SMART Security Pros Specialty

Since 2016, SMART Security Pros has provided clients throughout Maryland, D.C., and Virginia with first-rate security services. Our armed and unarmed security agents monitor and protect property, public facilities, and high-profile individuals against security threats through:

Security Consulting & Training

Safety and security are paramount for any organization. That said, training your employees on security awareness is an excellent way to prepare them for security issues that may arise. Armed security guard companies can teach your team to identify potential safety issues and respond quickly and effectively.

SMART Security Pros provides consulting and courses for corporate clients and organizations to handle workplace violence, active shooters, and terrorist incidents. We also offer professional training in personal safety and self-defense, including the following packages:

Is your business susceptible to violence or criminal behavior, or would you like to arm your employees with self-defense techniques? Contact us to set up consulting or training today.

Remote Video Surveillance

The SMART Security Pros Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) program enables our security agents to monitor and guard your property remotely. The system reduces the number of guards needed to safeguard your premises, significantly reducing your security expenses. 

Versatile Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile Remote Surveillance Trailers (MRST) by SMART Security Pro is a useful security solution for many sites, especially those in areas where installing permanent video surveillance equipment is not practical. We use it to protect short term outdoor events, construction sites, recycling centers, parking lots, concert halls, trade fairs, and festivals. 

Based on our assessment, this security and surveillance solution costs about 60 percent less than hiring security guards.

Reliable Security in All Industries

There is no security situation that’s too much for SMART Security Pros. Remember, our agents are active, prior, and retired law enforcement officers or military personnel. Armed or unarmed, they can diffuse security situations quickly to prevent control loss.

Our experience and sophisticated security technologies make us a great fit for protecting residential property, warehouse facilities, general contractors, and government agencies. We also provide engineering and architectural site security.

Contact SMART Security Pros today to discuss any questions you might have about armed security in MD.

Private Armed Security in MD

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